What You Need to Know about DOT Drug Testing

DOT audits are a lot of work and a silent killer of companies that are not compliant. In this article, we hope to share the DOT requirements for Drug Testing Compliance and provide advanced tips for staying ready for DOT Audits. For additional information and questions, please contact us to discuss with a DOT compliance …

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What You Need to Know About Pre-employment Drug Tests

  When a company has a pre-employment drug test policy in place, it can find qualified employees and create a safe work environment for everyone. Whether your company is small, medium, or global, pre-employment drug testing is crucial for maintaining workplace safety and the integrity of your company.  What is a Pre-Employment Drug Test? It …

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Are You Ready for that Job Interview & the Drug Test that Comes With It?

  Pre-employment drug testing is becoming increasingly widespread in the hiring process. It’s particularly noticeable in companies where sobriety is required for job functions like driving, operating heavy machinery, or providing patient care.   No one wants to hire someone who has a history of using drugs or alcohol at work. As a result, many …

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What Are the Differences Between a Lipid Panel, VAP, and PLAC Test?

Standard blood cholesterol tests have played a significant role in helping doctors assess heart disease risk in many patients. However, they fail to address the multiple underlying factors for cardiovascular disease. Sadly, they only identify 40% of the patients at risk of coronary heart disease. Advanced Blood Cholesterol Testing The procedure explains why scientists have …

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Hair Drug Testing: 101

Hair Drug Testing: 101 Maintaining a drug-free workplace is important for keeping your employees safe and productive. One of the best ways to keep your employees from using drugs at work is by implementing a drug-testing policy. Urine drug testing is the most popular type, but hair drug testing is becoming increasingly popular. Here’s what …

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