What You Need to Know about DOT Drug Testing

what you need to know about DOT drug testing

DOT audits are a lot of work and a silent killer of companies that are not compliant. In this article, we hope to share the DOT requirements for Drug Testing Compliance and provide advanced tips for staying ready for DOT Audits. For additional information and questions, please contact us to discuss with a DOT compliance expert.

Who Is Subject to DOT Drug Testing?

You may be surprised that many professionals beyond truck drivers and heavy machinery operators are subject to DOT drugs tests. Anyone deemed to do a job under a Safety-Sensitive category is subject to ongoing DOT drug tests. Employee responsibilities determine if they are subject to a DOT drug screening. Their specific title with the company is not as crucial in this matter as the actual duties, but managers are required to take ongoing Supervisor Drug and Alcohol Training. Training must be completed bi-yearly for anyone managing a fleet or drivers, this includes individual owner operators.

What Substances Does DOT Drug Test For?

The DOT drug tests for a variety of different types of drugs, including:

      • Marijuana
      • Cocaine
      • Opiates
      • Amphetamines
      • Phencyclidine (PCP)

Remember that even in jurisdictions with legalized substances (such as marijuana), someone under the influence of this substance may still be subject to termination if these drugs are found in their system during work hours or during a contract period.

What types of Tests Are Used for DOT Drug Testing?

Urine Drug Testing

Urine drug testing is the most common type of drug screening used by the DOT to see those lab-based results as quickly as possible. This urine test looks back thirty days for the five drug types listed above.

Saliva And Breath Testing

Operating a motor vehicle while under the influence of any illicit substance is illegal. Breath testing only tests for Alcohol in the donor’s system at the time of the test. Saliva testing is used under specific circumstances but is becoming more common. Breath testing is often used for randoms as well.

When Are DOT Tests Conducted?

There are various times when an employee may be subject to a DOT drug test. Employees must always remain drug-free to pass these drug tests. Below are the reasons a DOT drug test must be conducted:

      • Pre-employment
      • Random
      • Reasonable Suspicion
      • Post-Accident
      • Return to duty

FMCSA Clearinghouse Info for Employers– Advanced tip

As of January 1, 2021, the DOT (FMCSA) Federal Motor Carrier Safety Admin) have established new requirements for all trucking companies.

    1. All COMPANIES MUST register at https://clearinghouse.fmcsa.dot.gov
    2. After registration, select your TPA (third party administrator) This is the COMPANY approved by the DOT that will manage your randoms and DOT program (we offer this service) @ ARCPOINT LABS OF IRVING – OFFICIAL (contact us) https://www.arcpointlabs.com/irving/contact/ or 469-209-7400
    3. Register all CDL drivers and purchase Queries from the portal and run them or contact your TPA to run them for you.

Need help registering for the clearinghouse?

You must first find a TPA (Third Party Administrator) to manage your Drug Testing program. (Contact us if you need this service) https://www.arcpointlabs.com/irving/contact/ or 469-209-7400.

Employers then need to go to the FMCSA clearinghouse and create a user account on the website.

You can set up an administrator to handle the vital aspects of the account once it is set up. Admins will have the ability to make executive decisions about what to do with the information in the database.

We are proud to have helped many DOT companies with this process and know the required steps to help you stay compliant from testing to reporting.

We are ARCpoint Labs, we work with hundreds of DOT clients in North Texas. Please contact us with questions about the FMCSA portal or other programs we offer.

DOT Drug & Alcohol Testing in Irving, TX

We offer DOT drug testing and alcohol testing services in Irving, TX and Dallas-Fort Worth, TX. We can help determine if your potential hire tests positive for drugs or alcohol. Please contact us and let us set up a time and date when we can do this for you.


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