Is Your Healthy Diet Really Unhealthy?

When we think of food sensitivities, symptoms like upset stomach and other digestive issues come to mind. I had no idea it was the culprit of my mid-afternoon exhaustion.

It all started about four years ago, when I started focusing more on eating healthy. Dubbed the healthiest snack on the planet, I made almonds my go-to. They’re in my backpack for hikes and on my desk for when I’m hungry. Almonds were a good fit for my (relatively) healthy lifestyle. I work out six days a week, chase after three active children, mountain climb and eat pretty good… minus the late-night chocolate chip cookie attacks.

Is Your Healthy Diet Really Unhealthy? - ARCpoint LabsBut no matter what I did, come 2:30 every afternoon I was unbelievably tired. I’d grab a large coffee and power through during the week days, and on the weekends, I’d take a long nap. I figured it was part of getting older.

Fast forward a couple of years– I started seeing ads for food sensitivity testing and decided to give it a try. Guess what was the ONLY item I was sensitive to… you guessed it– ALMONDS! Turns out, the almonds were causing my fatigue the whole time! And I thought I was being healthy…

So, I went through the standard food elimination process. I removed all almonds from my diet for one month. Guess what… I stopped napping! Maybe it was a fluke, so I added almonds back in… Sure enough, back to the couch I went. At this point, I have eliminated almonds from my diet entirely. I am energized from the time I wake up until the time I go to sleep!

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