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The Benefits of Early Gender Reveal Testing

by | Dec 24, 2023 | Uncategorized

We use the SneakPeek® Gender Gender Reveal Test to help you determine the sex of your baby. This specific blood analysis can tell you as early as eight weeks gestation whether your baby is a boy or a girl. Our certified sample collectors typically only need 1 mL of blood, so the procedure is noninvasive and very quick. The blood sample is analyzed by looking for the Y chromosome, specific to males. This will tell us that your baby will be a boy. We can determine that your baby is a girl by the absence of the Y chromosome in the fetal DNA.

Before, during, and after the test, we protect your privacy and ensure no one, but an authorized party gets the results. And you won’t have to wait long for answers! Depending on when our partnering lab receives the sample via expedited shipping, you could learn the results the same day. We know how anxious you are to learn more about your baby before they arrive, so we won’t keep you waiting.

You may also have another test completed to be 100% sure of the results. We can safely administer the test again in as soon as two weeks following the initial outcome. We want you to be completely comfortable and happy with your testing experience.

Additionally, providing a DNA blood sample for a SneakPeek Gender Reveal Test is safe even if you are breastfeeding and pregnant. The results will not be affected due to this activity, and your and your unborn child’s safety will never be in jeopardy.

Can Gender Blood Tests Be Wrong?

There’s a misconception that a SneakPeek Gender Gender Reveal Test could be inaccurate. Only highly trained and certified sample collectors are permitted to assist you and administer your DNA blood test. The SneakPeek Gender Reveal Test is the most accurate early gender DNA test available. It has been clinically proven to be 99.9% accurate.

A 2020 study sampled over 1,000 pregnant women who took the SneakPeek Gender Reveal Test. They were asked to share the gender of their babies at birth to determine the test’s accuracy. The test helped accurately predict 99% of male births and 100% of female births.

4 Benefits of Early Gender Reveal/SneakPeek Gender Testing

Often, genetic testing and gender testing are used synonymously. However, the two are very different because genetic testing involves uncovering and detecting certain genetic anomalies. On the other hand, gender reveal testing is specifically for parents who want to know the sex of their babies early. Both involve a blood test and are used to prepare for the arrival of a new life.

1. Selecting a Name

Many parents start building a list of names before a baby is born, so they have various options to choose from in case another loved one uses a name they’ve selected or starts to dislike an initial choice. Name selection can be difficult. So, early gender reveal tests can help prospective parents avoid falling in love with a name better suited for one gender, only to later find out you’re having the opposite gender. We want you to be prepared for almost anything.

2. Strengthens Bond Between Family Members

When someone finds out they’re expecting a baby; it’s not just the couple celebrating a new life. The rest of the family will want to join in on the celebration. Learning the sex of a baby early can help bring families closer together. For instance, families that have historically had an overwhelming number of one sex find out the opposite sex will soon join their brood. This kind of news can be extremely exciting and make others feel directly involved.

3. Assists in Mentally Adjusting to Parenthood

Adjusting to the idea that a new life is on the way—and you’ll be in charge of it for the rest of your life—can be challenging. Some people feel they’ll have to give up a part of themselves to be the parent they’ve always wanted to be. The truth is that gender blood tests can help people mentally prepare for the changes they’ll experience in 9 months or so. While you can’t always plan for every eventuality, you can have a heads-up about some information so that you can focus on the joys of impending parenthood.

4. Plan Special Events to Celebrate the Baby’s Gender

Gender reveal parties are probably one of the first things young parents think about after finding out the sex of their baby. Knowing months ahead of schedule can help you plan parties in advance, so it’s one less thing to worry about. After all, you’ll need all your energy for the birth and the consecutive sleepless nights to follow.

Ready to Get the Surprise of Your Life? Schedule SneakPeek Gender Reveal Testing with Us!

SneakPeek Gender Tests are the safest, most accurate test to learn the sex of your baby as soon as a few weeks after you find out you’re pregnant. We want to help you prepare as much as possible for the changes about to take place. With our assistance, you can have the answers you need for complete reassurance.

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