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At ARCpoint Labs of Jacksonville, DNA testing services are conducted by a team of highly-trained professionals, offering a tailored selection of services to meet the needs of both physicians and individuals. We are a leading provider of advanced lab testing solutions, providing Jacksonville locals with the best pricing for DNA testing in the city.

Our variety of DNA tests include options for patients and physicians looking for results specific to medical, legal and personal situations, focusing on accuracy, efficiency, and discretion above all else. Unlike many other labs in the area, ARCpoint Labs is able to provide you with a full DNA lab report within two to three days, making the process quick, simple, and stress-free.

DNA testing is a highly-scientific method for gaining an up-close look at the information living within the human genetic code, providing details that cannot be unlocked with less advanced methods. Whether you’re an individual hoping to find answers related to questions of paternity, ancestry, infidelity, or general wellness, or you’re a physician that needs a highly professional partner to provide patients with DNA testing services, ARCpoint Labs should be your first choice.

Available Services at ARCpoint Labs of Jacksonville, Florida

Our Jacksonville lab is proud to provide the following DNA testing services for both physicians and individuals:


DNA-based paternity testing is typically a required part of court proceedings dealing with child support, child custody, and inheritance matters. Because accuracy is incredibly important in these situations, it’s critical that you choose a highly-trained team, like the one at ARCpoint Labs, to provide you with the legally-permissible lab results you need. We also provide complete discretion, minimizing the hassle of paternity-related dealings.


If you require a detailed DNA report for an immigration-related matter (for example, a kinship, maternity, or paternity test), ARCpoint Labs has the services you need. Immigration-related DNA testing must be accurate and ahere to all legal technicalities, so choosing an experiences lab is crucial to get the most accurate results.


Dealing with questions of infidelity in a relationship is extremely difficult, but there’s no reason you have to live with the unknown. Let ARCpoint Labs provide you with a discrete method for obtaining the answers you need.

Diet & Weight Loss

TUse DNA reults to create a customized diet and weight loss plan that can finally help you meet your goals, utilizing an approach that will work for your personal genetic makeup.

Choosing the Right DNA Testing Service for You

If you’d like to learn more about the DNA testing services offering by ARCpoint Labs in Jacksonville, or need help choosing the service to best meet your needs, please contact our office today.


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