Drug Testing
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What Does a Saliva Drug Test Reveal

As a result of a growing number of medical advancements, there are now many different options to choose from when it comes to drug testing methods. One of the most popularly used drug test types is saliva testing, also referred to as mouth swab testing or oral fluids testing. This method offers both accuracy and convenience and has become an increasingly common choice for personal, workplace, and legal use.

What Drugs are Detected through Saliva Testing?

In many cases, the drugs that can be measured using a saliva drug test depend largely on the specific test being administered. For example, some tests focus on testing certain types of substances over others, but most common saliva drug tests are designed to detect marijuana, cocaine, amphetamine, methamphetamine, and PCP. Your saliva drug test may test for additional markers indicating other commonly-abused drugs.
Some foods or beverages can affect the test results, which is why patients are typically asked to abstain from consuming anything for approximately 10 minutes prior to the collection process.

How Does the Saliva Drug Testing Process Work?

The saliva drug testing process is often considered one of the easiest, most straightforward testing methods. You will be given a large cotton swab, which you will place between your cheek and gum. Once the absorbent swab is saturated with saliva, it will be placed in a secure vial and prepared for the testing process. The process takes about five minutes from beginning to end and will be completed under the supervision of a professional technician.

How Far Back Can Saliva Drug Testing Detect Drug Use?

At ARCpoint Labs, saliva drug tests are instant, meaning they can detect drug use within the first hour, which is not generally possible with a standard urine test. The detection window for drug use for all of the following commonly-used drugs is 24-48 hours:

  • Marijuana
  • Opioids
  • Amphetamine
  • Methamphetamine
  • Cocaine

What are the Benefits of Saliva Drug Tests?

One of the biggest benefits of saliva drug testing is its early detection window, which makes it an ideal option for post-accident testing in the workplace. Also, saliva tests are generally inexpensive compared to other methods, and can provide rapid results. The testing process is non-invasive and can be completed in just a few minutes with little to no hassle. There’s less risk of tampering because the collection process is typically monitored by a professional lab technician.
Additionally, because saliva tests measure the parent compound of a drug, they can be used to prove the presence of a drug in the patient’s bloodstream, which directly correlates to impairment.

Confidential, Accurate Saliva Testing from ARCpoint Labs of Jacksonville

If you’re in need of reliable, professional saliva drug testing in the Jacksonville area, ARCpoint Labs can help. Our expert technicians can provide a range of customized solutions to fit your specific needs, whether you’re in search of lab-based drug testing for personal, legal, or professional use. Our conveniently-located Jacksonville facility is clean and comfortable, offering discreet testing, friendly staff, and highly accurate results. We can provide you with an instant, lab-based saliva drug test, or recommend a specific testing solution to best fit your situation.
Learn more about saliva drug testing and our other testing services by contacting ARCpoint Labs of Jacksonville today.