Drug Testing
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What Kinds of Drug Tests Do Courts Use in Florida?

There are several legal situations in which a court-ordered drug test may be necessary to confirm that an individual remains drug-free. Dealing with legal and court proceedings can be a stressful and confusing process. Understanding the situations in which you may need legally-admissible drug testing in Florida can help you take the appropriate action and satisfy your court requirements.

Child Custody Cases

In cases of child custody, a court may request drug testing to ensure the safety of the child or children in question. This is particularly common in situations in which one or both parents allege drug use. Depending on the situation, one or both parties may have to submit to regular testing to confirm long-term sobriety.

Drug Court Testing

A probation or parole officer, particularly those working with drug-related offenses, will often require drug testing as a required condition. If positive drug use is confirmed, it is generally considered a violation of parole or probation – and grounds for serious consequences.

Criminal Cases

Criminal cases involving DUI or DWI convictions typically require drug or alcohol testing to prove ongoing sobriety of the convicted party. In many situations, pre-trial testing is a method for collecting evidence and establishing proof of drug and/or alcohol use.

Similarities and Differences in Court-Ordered Drug Tests

Generally, all court-ordered drug tests have one thing in common: They must be performed by a licensed, accredited lab that follows the correct procedures to ensure accuracy. For example, a clear chain of custody (knowing where a sample is at all times) prevents contamination and tampering and is necessary for given results to be legally admissible.
There are a few differences among legal drug tests, typically related to the specific situation at hand. Depending on the case, here are a few factors that may differ:

  • Frequency of test
  • Type(s) of drug(s) being evaluated
  • Specific biological sample required (urine, saliva, hair, etc.)

It’s important that you clearly understand the specific requirements set forth for the court-ordered testing in your particular case, so you can select the proper testing option to satisfy legal requirements.

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