Drug and DNA Testing Services Near Fulshear, TX

Fast and Reliable Testing Services for Both Employers and Individuals

ARCpoint Labs of Katy is the leading provider of drug testing services near Fulshear, TX. Our professional team of certified technicians use the most up-to-date technology and sophisticated laboratory techniques to guarantee precise and reliable results. We offer a full range of tests that include saliva, urine, hair, and nail testing to detect illegal substances. Plus, we provide hassle-free scheduling and on-site testing services that can yield results often within 24 hours. Trust ARCpoint Labs of Katy as your reliable source for drug testing needs near Fulshear, TX.

Reasons Employers Should Conduct Drug Tests

At ARCpoint Labs of Katy, we understand that employers in Fulshear need to maintain a safe and healthy work environment for their employees. This is why our certified technicians are highly trained and experienced in administering drug tests with strict protocols to guarantee accurate results.

Employee drug testing can help employers identify any individuals who may be impaired due to drug use - potentially dangerous behavior which can put both themselves and their colleagues at risk. With comprehensive screening services available, such as urine testing, hair follicle testing, breathalyzers, oral swabs or saliva tests, we have the capability to provide tailored solutions that fit with your company’s needs.

By partnering with ARCpoint Labs of Katy, you can rest assured that your employee drug testing is in good hands. We strive to provide an efficient and reliable service with quick turn-around times and a commitment to confidentiality at all times.

Ensure you have a safe working environment in Fulshear, TX by trusting ARCpoint Labs of Katy for your employee drug testing needs. Call us at (305) 928-2967 or schedule your appointment online today!

DNA Testing Services Near Fulshear

At ARCpoint Labs of Katy, we are committed to providing trustworthy and reliable paternity test results. Our team of experts is dedicated to helping our clients get the answers they need, offering guidance and support throughout the entire process. We provide a range of paternity tests that can give accurate results quickly and in confidence.

We understand that this can be an emotionally charged time for all involved, and so we take great care with handling our clients' paternity testing results. When you need a reliable and affordable company to help with your paternity testing needs, trust ARCpoint Labs of Katy. We look forward to helping you get the answers you need.

Clinical Lab Testing in Fulshear, TX

CBC Blood Test: Complete Blood Count testing is a common blood test that measures different components of your blood. The test provides information about red blood cells, white blood cells, and platelets. It helps diagnose various conditions such as anemia, infections, and blood disorders. Results include measurements like red blood cell count, white blood cell count, hemoglobin, and platelet count.

CMP Blood Test: Comprehensive Metabolic Panel is a blood test that evaluates the functioning of different organs and chemical balances in your body. The test measures levels of electrolytes, glucose, liver enzymes, kidney function, and other vital substances.
It helps assess organ health, detect metabolic imbalances, and monitor certain medications. Results include measurements such as blood glucose levels, liver enzymes (ALT, AST), kidney function (BUN, creatinine), and electrolyte levels (sodium, potassium).

SneakPeek® Early Gender Reveal: SneakPeek® testing is a type of DNA-based blood test used to determine the gender of an unborn baby. It involves analyzing fetal DNA present in the mother's bloodstream. The test can be performed as early as 6 weeks into pregnancy. A blood sample is collected from the mother, and the fetal DNA is isolated and examined for the presence of male or female markers. Results typically provide the expected gender of the baby.

STD Testing: Also known as STI (sexually transmitted infection) testing, STD testing involves evaluating for the presence of infections transmitted through sexual contact. Common STDs that can be detected through testing include HIV, chlamydia, gonorrhea, syphilis, and herpes. Results can determine if an individual has contracted a specific STD and may also indicate the stage of the infection. STD testing is essential for early detection, treatment, and prevention of the spread of sexually transmitted infections.

Serum Eye Drops: Serum eye drops are a type of eye medication that is derived from the patient's own blood serum. Serum eye drops contain a variety of beneficial components, such as growth factors, vitamins, and proteins that are naturally present in the patient's blood. These components can help promote healing, reduce inflammation, and protect the surface of the eyes. Serum eye drops are often used to treat severe or chronic ocular surface disorders, such as dry eye syndrome, ocular surface disease, and certain corneal conditions. The use of serum eye drops is tailored to each individual patient, as the drops are prepared specifically from their own blood.

Discover Clinical Testing at Our Advanced Testing Facility near Fulshear

At our facility, we boast cutting-edge laboratory equipment managed by dedicated experts who prioritize delivering accurate and prompt results. Rest assured, all data collected during testing is stored securely on our servers, guaranteeing complete confidentiality and privacy for everyone involved.

Feel free to reach out to us for further details about our comprehensive range of services or if you require guidance in selecting the most suitable test for your needs. When you entrust ARCpoint Labs of Katy with your clinical testing requirements, you can have peace of mind knowing that you'll receive exceptional service supported by our extensive experience.

Call us at (305) 928-2967 or schedule a clinical testing appointment near Fulshear online now!

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