Maria Stevenson of ARCpoint Labs of Cordova Featured in the Memphis Business Journal.

Owner Maria Stevenson of ARCpoint Labs of Cordova was recently featured in the Memphis Business Journal.

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New full-service lab franchise expanding to Memphis

Michael Sheffield

Senior Staff writer

A South Carolina-based full-service laboratory testing company is coming to Memphis and could double its footprint in the next 18 months.

ARCpoint Labs is opening its first Memphis location in January at 7865 Trinity Road. Maria Stevenson, who will own and run the franchise, says the company is already looking at a second location, possibly in Downtown Memphis.

image002Stevenson, who has 14 years of laboratory science experience, was introduced to ARCpoint Labs by another
franchisee. The company began as a drug screening unit for the Department of Transportation but now offers genetic testing and telehealth, which allows patients to consult with a physician online.

“That’s the latest and greatest in health care, and it allows us to customize a health care plan,” Stevenson says.

Telehealth has been a growing segment for the company, which can cover an entire family of four for $18 per month. ARCpoint has 100 locations across the U.S. and is expected to reach 275 by 2020.

But the company held a special appeal for Stevenson. During her time in the U.S. National Guard, she was diagnosed with keratoconus, an eye disease that keeps her from being able to look into a microscope. Owning the ARCpoint Labs franchise is not only a good business opportunity for Stevenson, it also allows her to stay involved with clinical laboratory science.

“I’m passionate about my lab stuff, but the way my life played out, I’m glad I didn’t go to medical school,” Stevenson says. “This is an opportunity to stay in the lab, but expand in an entrepreneurial spirit.”

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