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How to Safely Return to Work During or After COVID

Managing the COVID-19 pandemic is a challenge for business owners, but with good planning, you can face it successfully.

Why Is It Important To Prevent the Spread of COVID-19 in Your Workplace?

Why invest time and resources to address COVID testing and prevent the spread of the virus? Your business benefits:

  • Company operations: Having dozens of employees contract COVID-19 and call in sick at work can severely impact business operations. By protecting your employees, you’re actively protecting your productivity and profits as well.
  • Consumer confidence: Many California families are actively trying to avoid getting or spreading COVID-19. Clean businesses with healthy employees feel like a safe place to shop.
  • Business reputation: Highlighting all of the steps you take to protect customers’ and employees’ health can increase your brand’s popularity.
  • Employee health: COVID-19 can put employees with underlying health conditions in serious danger. To protect your workforce, you need to have a COVID testing plan in place.

How Long Should Employees Wait Before Returning to Work If They Get COVID-19?

The optimal amount of time for quarantining employees who have COVID-19 is 14 days. This reduces the risk of COVID-19 transmission the most.

According to the CDC, if employees haven’t had any symptoms, a ten-day quarantine may be enough before returning to work. However, if you want to be sure, you should always have COVID-19 testing options ready.

Some companies implement a 7-day quarantine program. However, for this type of program to be successful, COVID testing is mandatory. You need to be sure that employees aren’t contagious even if they don’t have any symptoms.

What Are the Best COVID-19 Testing Options?

There are two main types of testing for COVID-19: the PCR viral test and the rapid antigen viral test. The PCR viral test is the gold standard for COVID testing. ARCpoint Labs for Martinez uses the latest Lab technology to deliver same day or next day PCR results, unlike the typical 3 to 4 day turnaround This can detect COVID-19 even when employees don’t have symptoms. It’s an excellent choice for getting key personnel back to work as soon as possible.

Rapid antigen tests check for antibodies to COVID-19. They’re less precise but also less expensive and faster. These tests may be the right choice when you have to test a large number of potentially exposed employees before allowing them to return to work. Some employers also require employees to take these simple tests weekly or monthly.

Why Choose ARCpoint Labs of Martinez?

At ARCpoint Labs of Martinez, we’re experts at COVID testing and workplace safety. Not only can we administer testing for your employees, but we can also help you design a custom testing program for your business’s specific needs. This can help your employees return to work more quickly while also preventing the spread of COVID at your place of business. Contact us right away to learn more.