The Importance of Pre-Employment Drug Testing

Over the past few years, a significant number of employers in Martinez, CA, and surrounding areas revised their drug testing policies. These companies determined that recreational use of drugs might not impact the kind of work they required their employees to complete. However, in some fields, a strong pre-employment drug testing policy is crucial to maintaining worker safety.

Reasons To Require Employment Drug Testing

Studies show a strong relationship between substance use, high turnover rates, and workplace absenteeism. In fact, the National Council on Alcoholism and Drug Dependence suggests that people who change jobs frequently have a higher likelihood of using illegal drugs. However, work culture has changed drastically in younger demographics.

Impairment from drugs and alcohol can also significantly increase the likelihood of workplace accidents, serious injuries, and death in Martinez. Consequently, a strong pre-employment drug testing policy is important for companies operating in high-risk fields, such as mining, construction, and logging. 

Unsafe actions by workers can also put customers at risk. This can lead to severe injuries and resulting premises liability claims and lawsuits. These can result in higher insurance premiums and out-of-pocket fees.

Conditions of Pre-Employment Drug Testing

Employers need to make it known that they use a pre-employment drug testing policy in advance. They may also have background checks and screening in place to check everything from criminal records to credit scores. 

However, note that springing drug screening on workers at the last minute is unethical and could be illegal. It’s also important to let workers know whether the drug screen results will affect whether they get the job.

Employers might also need to provide information on whether to expect routine or randomized drug tests for the rest of the workplace relationship. However, state law prohibits random testing in most scenarios. Exceptions include jobs that affect public safety and that have a high level of responsibility, such as workers that must comply with DOT regulations.

In some cases, employers may also require screening after a serious accident. Workers’ compensation operates on a no-fault basis in Martinez, but companies may have the right to terminate employees whose negligence caused harm to others.

California State and Federal Drug Testing Regulations

California does not require employers to conduct drug tests, but it does allow it. The employer, however, must take every step possible to ensure privacy during the process. California gives employers some leeway in cases involving prospective employees because employers use less information to make a hiring decision.

While California state law legalized the use of marijuana for recreational and medical uses, employers can still test for this drug. If workers test positive for marijuana, the employer may decide not to hire them or may choose to fire them. The employer may terminate the employee even when they have legitimate prescriptions from their doctors.

However, there are some instances when Martinez drug testing is considered illegal:

  • When employers require some employees to get tested but waive this requirement for others
  • When workers must pay for drug screening under the company pre-employment drug testing policy
  • When employers refuse to make reasonable accommodations for workers undergoing rehabilitation treatment
  • When employers conduct the test in ways that interfere with personal privacy

Pre-Employment Drug Testing in Martinez, CA

Few employers have testing locations on site. Consequently, they rely on ARCpoint Labs of Martinez, CA. We provide the drug policy development and execution services they need to protect their businesses and improve workplace safety. We provide on-site testing and can deliver instant results.

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