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Best Practices for Managing Random Drug Testing Programs

by | Dec 23, 2023 | Uncategorized

Implementing a random drug testing program in your workplace can help maximize safety and productivity in your company.

  • Random drug testing can discourage people with substance abuse issues from applying to work for your business.
  • Your team members will feel safer if they know that you are actively working to keep them safe by discouraging impaired behavior in the workplace.

Random drug testing involves establishing policies and procedures for the unannounced screening of employees for the use of illegal drugs. Prominent in the workplace since the 1980s, random drug testing continues to be a commonplace tool for discouraging unsafe behavior at work. Many employers see other benefits to random drug testing, including lower insurance rates and fewer workers’ compensation claims. ARCpoint Labs of Martinez can help you develop and operate a random drug testing program in your workplace.

Have a Company Policy in Place

To legally and effectively operate a random drug testing program in your company, you must start with a clear written drug testing policy that is regularly communicated to employees. Supervisors need the training to understand their roles and responsibilities in the program. To avoid legal issues, companies should make sure that the selection process is truly random. Running an effective program can be complicated. You want to partner with a company like ARCpoint Labs of Martinez to help you with every aspect of the program.

Employee Random Drug Testing

Employers have options in how they structure an employee random drug testing program. As a business owner or manager, you choose how often you want to test, educate your team on the process, what you will screen for, and manage positive tests. As an employer in California, your testing program must comply with state laws. ARCpoint Labs of Martinez can help you stay in compliance.

Drug Test Methods

The most common forms of testing in California are urine, saliva, and hair tests. Each form of testing has advantages and disadvantages.

    • Saliva testing is more resistant to tampering because a technician collects the sample and immediately sends it on its way to the laboratory. It can detect usage right before the test and identify the use of drugs further into the past than urine screening.
    • Hair testing examines the shaft of hair from the employee’s body. It can be pretty invasive, so employees may be less comfortable with this testing than other screenings. Hair testing can detect the use of drugs going back approximately 90 days.

    Urine testing is the most familiar form of drug screening for many people. While it’s inexpensive and widely available, urine testing doesn’t detect drug use that might have taken place in the hours or minutes just before the test, and it’s unlikely to identify usage more than three days or so in the past. Also, employees may attempt to tamper with a urine sample.

Drug Testing in Martinez, CA

As an employer, you may have a random drug testing program in place that’s been operating for years and needs some updating, or you may be new to the concept. ARCpoint Labs of Martinez can help, no matter what stage of development. We can help you structure your policy, decide what kind of testing to use, and design an effective response to address positive tests. Contact us today to get your company on the way to improved safety and productivity.

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