Family and Legal DNA Testing in Martinez, CA

Comprehensive and Confidential Service for Court-Ordered DNA Tests

Scheduling DNA Testing can often be stressful, complicated and overwhelming. Your DNA makeup is part of the core of who you are. It requires delicate handling, along with years of education and experience to understand how to ethically conduct DNA tests in a way that consistently produces accurate results. So, it's important to find a DNA laboratory that you can trust.

Learning what's in your DNA can evaluate your potential for serious or chronic illness, or settle legal disputes with life-changing outcomes like whether you have custody or visitation rights for your child.

Our trained and certified DNA lab technicians at ARCpoint Labs Martinez will help you make sense of your complicated situation. Whether you’re an employer, an individual obtaining evidence from a court-order test, or simply wanting to learn more about your body for health and wellness reasons, we’ll make sure that you find the DNA test that you need, when you need it.

Our DNA Tests vary by location, and include:

  • Ancestry and Family DNA Testing: To learn more about your family history and geneology
  • Immigration: To prove that you’re related to a US citizen for visa purposes
  • Paternity: To determine your child’s parent with a quick, non-intrusive cheek swab
  • Infidelity: To document a chain of custody or prove your partner’s unfaithfulness

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Trace Your Family Roots with an Ancestry Test

Where did your ancestors come from? Who were they? What did they accomplish? What did they leave behind? What did they see during their lifetimes? You can learn a lot about yourself from questions like these. The past determines our present and the course of our future, often in ways we don’t always anticipate. An ancestry test from ARCpoint Labs Martinez will help you trace your ancestral origins and learn more about your family history.

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