• A hair follicle sample is held by pliers in preparation for a hair-based drug test.
    A Detailed Overview of the Different Kinds of Drug Tests

    Each Drug Test is Unique Drug testing is an effective screening procedure that can detect the presence of drugs in our bodies. ...

  • African American woman driving a commercial vehicle | ARCpoint Labs of Marysville-Arlington
    How to Prepare for DOT Drug Testing

    Essential Guidelines to Help Commercial Drivers Stay Compliant As a commercial driver, you’re required to comply with the federal ...

  • Doctor indicates patient name on cholesterol test result or lipid panel, standing in white medical coat.
    The Benefits of Undergoing Regular Lab Tests

    Why Blood Tests Are An Essential Part of Monitoring Health At ARCpoint Labs of Marysville - Arlington, we recognize the importance ...

  • Gender reveal party decoration that says "Boy or Girl".
    Everything You Need to Know About SneakPeek® Early Gender Reveal Testing

    Why the SneakPeek® Early Gender Test Is Increasingly Popular SneakPeek’s® early gender testing options entail blood analyses that ...

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