Drug Testing

  • A hair follicle sample is held by pliers in preparation for a hair-based drug test.
    A Detailed Overview of the Different Kinds of Drug Tests

    Each Drug Test is Unique Drug testing is an effective screening procedure that can detect the presence of drugs in our bodies. ...

  • A close-up photograph of a court-mandated drug test results form.
    Everything You Need to Know About Court-Mandated Drug Testing

    Professional Drug Testing Services to Satisfy Court-Ordered Mandates At ARCpoint Labs of Marysville - Arlington, we offer ...

  • A stock photo of a pen and paper with drug test results written on it next to a calculator and glasses.
    All About Random Drug & Reasonable Suspicion Testing

    The Ins & Outs of the Randomized Drug Testing Process At ARCpoint Labs of Marysville - Arlington, we understand the value of ...