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Everything You Need to Know About Court-Mandated Drug Testing

by | Dec 23, 2023 | Uncategorized

Professional Drug Testing Services to Satisfy Court-Ordered Mandates

At {Sub:BusinessName}, we offer court-admissible drug tests to satisfy legal matters of all kinds. A drug test is a scientifically verified process where a biological sample is taken to check for substances.

We provide multiple non-invasive testing methods, including:

  • Hair-based drug tests
  • Blood-based drug tests
  • Fingernail-based drug tests
  • Urine-based drug tests
  • And much more!

These drug tests each offer unique pros and cons. However, they all ultimately serve the same fundamental function: helping the court/criminal justice system determine if there are illicit substances in an individual’s body.

The Purpose of Court-Mandated Drug Tests

Court-ordered drug tests provide critical information to the court about drug use, abuse, and addiction. Drug test results can prove an individual is clean – lightening one’s sentence or increasing certain privileges. Results can also offer further justification for the court to sentence an individual to drug education courses/counseling, addiction treatments (including Risk Reduction Programs and rehab), or longer jail sentences. Drug tests are also frequently used in family law/court.

Many situations and circumstances require court-ordered drug tests, including:

  • Probation sentencings
  • Custody battles (if anyone involved in a custody battle is accused or suspected of abusing drugs)
  • Following a DUI
  • To monitor convicted felons, parolees, and repeat offenders
  • Following a criminal activity involving illegal substances
  • During incarceration

Most courts dictate the frequency, type, and length of time one must subject themselves to drug tests. Accessibility, convenience, and certification largely determine where a test is administered. Court-mandated tests must be conducted by a verified party, such as {Sub:BusinessName}.

Compliance & Unpredictability Are Critical Components of Court-Ordered Drug Tests

Failure to complete a court-ordered drug test within the designated window of time can have severe ramifications, including longer sentences or loss of probation. Court-ordered tests are issued at random and unexpected moments precisely because they are designed to catch drug abusers before they can prepare, temporarily detox, or try to tamper with the sample. A significant function of a random drug test is to ensure users cannot let their guard down without the possibility of being caught.

It is not uncommon for a judge to order a drug test to gain transparency. Test results can determine whether:

  • An offender needs to be reinstated into prison
  • A mother/father is fit to parent
  • A parolee warrants stricter or more lenient supervision
  • A felon deserves harsher or lighter sentencing

In many cases, being issued with a drug test can feel demeaning and frustrating. It is nonetheless a beneficial social tool that helps the court system deliver fair, informed verdicts and decisions.

Drug Test Q&A

Now, we’re let’s answer some questions many clients frequently ask about drug tests:

Is there any way to know what type of drug test will be issued?

No. The drug test type will depend on the specific details and allegations of the case. That said, urine tests are by far the most common drug test ordered. Sometimes, a judge may also request a hair test and/or a nail test (along with a urine test). Each test can detect a specific subset of substances in your system for varying spans of time.

Will I know in advance that the opposing party/attorney might request a drug test?

No. Unfortunately, you are not entitled to be informed preemptively about a drug-testing request if sufficient evidence exists. A judge can issue a drug test at any time during a trial – with or without a formal request. In fact, many judges intentionally order drug tests at random moments to maintain the element of surprise.

How long will I have to get a drug test?

The court often issues a narrow timeframe within which a drug test must be performed. The speed at which this request must be completed is essential for its efficiency – after all, even a few hours can significantly alter a drug test’s results. It is not uncommon for a drug testing professional to be on-site/in the courthouse to conduct the drug test promptly after the hearing.

Is It Possible to Cheat a Drug Test?

Many subjects have undoubtedly tried to create a false negative by beating/cheating a drug test. Commonplace methods include:

  • Clipping nails to the quick
  • Shaving head and body hair
  • Excessive hydration
  • Taking supplements/vitamins
  • Adulterating the specimen/sample
  • Stealthily using another individual’s urine

These methods never succeed. Signs of tampering with specimens, drastically altering one’s body, adding contaminants, and diluting the sample with over-hydration warrant further suspicion and inspire the court to pursue stricter regimens.

How long will the drugs show up on a test?

The drug detection window largely depends on the substance, the frequency of use, the amount abused/ingested, and the testing method. Here are some approximations:

  • Urine tests can detect drugs for up to 40 days.
  • Head hair tests can detect drugs for up to 90 days.
  • Fingernail tests can detect drugs for up to 5 months.
  • Body hair tests can detect drugs for 7 to 12 months.
  • Toenail tests can detect drugs for up to 12 months.

How accurate are drug tests?

According to WebMD, Drug tests typically produce false negatives in 10% to 15% of cases and false-positive results in 5% to 10% of cases. At {Sub:BusinessName}, we go above and beyond to optimize the accuracy of our drug-testing methods. Our team follows top-of-the-line techniques and relies on industry-best equipment and technologies to reduce error. Our 10-panel urine testing, EtG for alcohol misuse, and hair/nail sample analyses will provide the most reliable results you’ll find anywhere. Most importantly for today’s topic, our drug testing services are court admissible.

Has the court ordered you or your client to take a drug test? If so, call {F:P:Sub:Phone} today!

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