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Everything You Need to Know About SneakPeek® Early Gender Reveal Testing

by | Dec 23, 2023 | Uncategorized

Why the SneakPeek® Early Gender Test Is Increasingly Popular

SneakPeek’s® early gender testing options entail blood analyses that can reveal the gender of a baby boy or girl as early as eight weeks into pregnancy. At {Sub:BusinessName}, we offer these accurate, non-intrusive, and reliable testing services for an affordable price. All we need is a small blood sample of your DNA, and we’ll return your results as quickly and efficiently.

The SneakPeek® early gender tests are entirely safe. They have no adverse side effects on breastfeeding or the fetus’s DNA. Our team will also ensure you receive the privacy and confidentiality you deserve. We realize many parents are thrilled to learn their baby’s gender. It’s of little surprise that gender-reveal blood tests are increasing in popularity. Let us go above and beyond to make your early gender reveal as smooth, seamless, and memorable as possible.

The 3 Primary Kinds of SneakPeek® Gender Tests

Each SneakPeek® early gender test analyzes DNA to identify an unborn baby’s gender quickly and accurately. The test is painless, simple, and takes no time or effort (approximately 10–15 minutes) to complete. Afterward, we send the blood sample out for analysis immediately.

There are 3 SneakPeek® gender tests to choose between. Each offers its own advantages and involves specific processes. They are:

  • The SneakPeek® Snap Test: This blood test method minimizes pain and maximizes simplicity. Simply press a device against your arm, push the snap lever gently, and the sample is collected.
  • The SneakPeek® Snap FastTrack Test: This test is ideal for parents seeking to learn their baby’s gender right away! It functions identically to the SneakPeek Snap™ test, but the results will be delivered in less than 72 hours (instead of 3–5 days).
  • The SneakPeek® Lancet Test: This method relies on a tiny lancet to collect the blood sample. It’s budget-friendly and easy to perform but requires extra vigilance when avoiding male DNA contamination.

It’s important to know that SneakPeek® gender tests only determine a baby’s gender. They provide no information on genetic predispositions, illnesses, or other health conditions. We also do not store any DNA information or health data.

How The SneakPeek Gender Reveal Tests Work

You may be aware that DNA chromosomes determine a baby’s gender. The difference between detecting males and females is basic. Females have 2 X chromosomes, and males have 1 X chromosome and 1 Y chromosome. As a result, a gender-reveal blood test, like SneakPeek®, can accurately check the mother’s blood for X and Y chromosomes. If Y chromosomes appear, the baby’s gender is male. If Y chromosomes don’t appear, the baby’s gender is female.

The SneakPeek® Gender Test is the most accurate gender DNA test currently on the market. It is clinically proven to be 99.9% accurate. The reason for this accuracy is not rocket science – the tests are highly capable of detecting Y chromosome in blood. This testing method is more accurate than ultrasound-based gender tests and allows for earlier detection. In a recent study that sampled 1,029 pregnant women, the SneakPeek® Gender Test accurately predicted 523 out of 523 female births and 505 out of 506 male births.

The Many Benefits of Purchasing a SneakPeek® Test

A SneakPeek® will reveal your baby’s gender at just 7 weeks. This knowledge will remove the mystery of gender from the equation. Learning the baby’s gender can help you plan and prepare. Knowing your unborn baby’s gender can expedite decorating, shopping, and researching processes. You can even find more relevant, gender-specific parenting materials. It also offers the opportunity to throw a gender reveal celebration for friends and family.

Other benefits of an early gender reveal include:

  • Buying clothes and decorating the nursery
  • Choosing a name
  • Planning special events (i.e., gender reveal parties)
  • Bonding with friends and family

The SneakPeek® technology now allows expecting parents to know their baby’s gender months earlier than previously possible. Alternative non-invasive are available and offered by ARCpoint. However, most DNA-based gender reveal tests require a doctor’s authorization only permitted in high-risk pregnancies. These alternative tests also tend to run much more expensive and lack insurance coverage.

Choose {Sub:BusinessName} for Your Gender Reveal Testing Solutions

{Sub:BusinessName} understands how exciting the anticipation of an unborn baby can be. That’s why we’re thrilled to offer accurate and affordable sneak peek testing solutions! Visit our clinic today, and we’ll perform any of the 3 SneakPeek® early gender blood tests without delay. Our top priority is to create a smooth and effortless customer experience for every client. Our team is waiting to administer the test, study your DNA, and return your results fast and error-free today!

Call {F:P:Sub:Phone} anytime to learn more about our SneakPeek® gender reveal testing services!

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