DNA Testing in the Marysville, Arlington Area

Reliable Health, Wellness & Paternity DNA Testing Near You

Hospitals, clinics and testing labs have a way of treating patients as numbers rather than people. It’s an unfortunate byproduct of the way our healthcare system works. That’s not how we do things at ARCpoint Labs. We see the human side of healthcare and how it impacts people, and we honor it. We offer flexible DNA testing solutions that are customized to fit your needs. Our facility in Arlington provides a variety of DNA tests and procedures that can help you make informed decisions about your health, relationships, and future.

We adhere to the highest possible standards of technical training and medical ethics in our 10,000 locations across the United States, including our DNA testing facility in Arlington, WA.

For high-quality DNA testing in Marysville and Arlington suited to fit your needs, contact us online or call (360) 873-5586.

Dependable DNA Testing Services in Arlington, TX

If you decide that you would rather have your DNA tests administered at your home, we will bring the testing to you. No more long drawn-out waits in line or being put on hold for hours on end. Our DNA lab staff can arrange your DNA tests in a way that suits your schedule and is most convenient for you. Our facilities nationwide are structured to remove any barriers to access for reliable and affordable DNA testing.

The DNA tests that we do at in our location in Arlington, WA include:

  • Health and Wellness: Evaluate your propensity for illness and chronic health issues, and your risk for diseases like diabetes and cancer. Better understand what foods you can eat, what prescription meds you can use, and make healthier lifestyle choices based on how your body works
  • Legal Paternity: Compare your child’s genetic makeup to that of their potential father, for court cases or legal issues such as birth certificates and adoption

Paternity DNA Testing in Arlington, TX

Having questions about paternity in your family can be overwhelming. At ARCpoint Labs of Marysville - Arlington we provide dependable paternity DNA testing services to help you get the answers you need. Our paternity DNA tests are quick, easy, and very accurate. Our customer service experts will guide you through every step of the way in order to make it as simple a process as possible.

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