Paternity Testing in Minneapolis, MN

Fast, Accurate and Reliable DNA Testing for Paternity

Paternity testing is used to determine if a man is the biological father of a child, based on the analysis of DNA. ARCpoint Labs of Minneapolis offers this type of DNA testing for families who are seeking answers for legal, medical, or personal reasons.

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We Offer The Following Types of Paternity Tests in Minneapolis:

ARCpoint Labs of Minneapolis offers three types of paternity tests. These include:

  • Information Paternity - This may be important for clients who wish to confirm suspicions about biological relationships. Informational paternity is not court-admissible.
  • Legal Paternity - This type of testing can be used to establish legal rights and responsibilities in custody cases, immigration, social security, or court orders. After the test, clients are provided with legal documentation of the results.
  • Prenatal Paternity - A blood test for mothers who are at least nine weeks pregnant.

Our Minneapolis Paternity Testing Process

The first step in the paternity testing process is to contact ARCpoint Labs of Minneapolis and schedule an appointment. You can also stop by our Minneapolis testing center. During your visit, you will submit a sample in a quick and confidential manner. When the results are ready, they will be safely and securely emailed to you.

How Does a Paternity Test Work?

A paternity test begins by taking samples of DNA from both parties involved, such as a cheek swab sample from the alleged father and mother along with the child, and sending them to a specialized laboratory for analysis. To obtain accurate results in a timely manner, laboratories like ARCpoint Labs of Minneapolis often use PCR (Polymerase Chain Reaction) analysis which amplifies small fragments of DNA and can provide results in as little as one day.

Once the samples are collected and analyzed, our lab looks for similarities between the markers found in both individuals' DNA. The more similar the markers, the higher probability of paternity. If a direct comparison can't be made, we can also use other paternity testing techniques to estimate paternity likelihood by looking for shared genetic characteristics. After all samples have been processed and analyzed, a report is issued with the results and probability of paternity which can then be used in legal matters or for confirming parenthood.

Paternity tests are an invaluable tool used to accurately determine the parentage of a child. At ARCpoint Labs of Minneapolis, we are committed to providing reliable and accurate paternity testing services in Minneapolis, MN. Our team of experienced professionals have conducted many successful tests over the years and maintained the highest standards throughout each process we undertake. This ensures that you get the best possible outcome from your results.

How Accurate are DNA Tests for Paternity?

The accuracy of a correctly administered and analyzed DNA test for paternity is above 99%. For this reason, modern DNA testing options, such as PCR testing or a buccal cheek swab, are more common than blood testing.

It is important that people seeking paternity testing in Minneapolis consult with a healthcare professional or attorney in order to fully understand how the process works.

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