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  • photo of doctor shaking client hands
    Men’s Health Screening: 7 Vital Questions

    The average American man will not go for a routine health checkup. The average American man is more likely to suffer from heart ...

  • Oral Fluid Testing
    What is Oral Fluid Testing & What Does It Mean for Employers?

    The Department of Transportation (DOT) recently announced its new ruling on the allowance of oral fluid testing for your company’s ...

  • Thyroid issues
    Your Thyroid Gland: The Ultimate Guide to Testing for Thyroid Problems

    Impactful things sometimes come in small packages. The thyroid gland is around 5 cm but affects every organ in the body. It can be ...

  • photo of woman measuring her waist
    Help! I Don’t Want to Gain Weight Because of Hormones!

    Women’s Hormones & Weight Gain: You’ve Got This! Puberty, menstruation, pregnancy, and post-pregnancy bring a host of ...

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