Shielding Seniors from the Coronavirus

The CDC reported seniors are twice as likely to get sickened with the Coronavirus (Covid-19) than younger persons. But what is the best option for a senior who needs to go to the doctor for a common healthcare challenge?

Get Healthcare on Your Schedule Without Exposing Yourself to “Germy” Waiting Rooms!

Here is how:

  1. The senior can remain home in their “germ free” environment
  2. By having a telehealth consultation in their home, the senior will avoid being exposed to serious and perhaps deadly germs in a crowded waiting room – regardless if it is their doctor’s waiting room, an urgent care waiting room, or the emergency room waiting room
  3. During a telehealth consultation, the senior can take their time when talking to the doctor and the doctor can evaluate their healthcare condition and provide the best medical solution
  4. If a prescription is needed, the doctor will forward the prescription to the pharmacy of the senior’s choice

Our ARCpoint MD Telehealth consultation takes less than 30 minutes on average from the time of the request to the prescription being sent to a pharmacy.

Five Advantages of Using ARCpoint MD

  1. Doctors are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week throughout the United States and Puerto Rico.
  2. The senior can request a consultation to be conducted by phone or online video
  3. The average response time by the doctor is less than 12 minutes, guaranteed within 1 hour
  4. The senior and their caregiver (family member) are not exposed to a waiting room filled with serious germs
  5. ARCpoint MD is only $16 per month, per household which includes $0.00 consultation fees and 24/7 access to doctors- that covers all persons living in the household

ARCpoint MD is a convenient, safe and efficient way to talk to a doctor. Visit for more information and to easily enroll.