• Prenatal Paternity DNA Testing
    What is Non-Invasive Prenatal Paternity DNA Testing?

    For ages, people have had questions about paternity that went unanswered because of the limitations of medicine and lack of ...

  • Genetic Screening Blog Image
    Fight Cancer Before It Strikes with Proactive Genetic Screening for Cancer Risk

    Cancer often strikes without warning, sometimes going unnoticed and undiagnosed until later in progression. Being aware of the ...

  • Nurse with the buccal swab
    Should You Purchase a Legal or Non-Legal DNA test? Three Key Differences to Know

    Paternity Court and Maury are award-winning programs for a reason. Paternity and other DNA matters are common and often cause ...

  • Man reaching for medications on table next to a glass of water
    PGx Testing and How DNA Helps You Choose the Right Medications

    Most of us are familiar with genetic testing. From learning about your ancestry to resolving a child custody case, genetic testing ...

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