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What Will DNA Testing Tell Me?

As recently as a few years ago, personalized DNA analysis tests were something far beyond the reach of the average person. DNA testing was often something that took an extensive amount of time, money and effort, often requiring long waiting periods and plenty of hoops to jump through. However, thanks to scientific advancements and forward-thinking companies like ARCpoint Labs, it’s easy and convenient to complete DNA testing for yourself or someone you know. Being able to answer the question “What does a DNA test tell you?” is the first step towards deciding how DNA testing can be a helpful option for you.

What does a DNA test show you?

DNA is a blueprint of sorts for each individual human body, revealing details about things like ancestry, parental lineage, medical information, and more. By closely examining the structure of your DNA (or the DNA of someone you love), lab scientists can learn about a variety of factors that are invisible outside of a lab.

What types of DNA analysis are available to me?

You’ve probably seen a number of recent advertisements for companies that will analyze your DNA and give you information about your ancestry. As intriguing as that may be, DNA testing is capable of many other things as well. Here are just a few things you can utilize genetic testing for:

  • Paternity Test: Whether you’re looking to determine paternity for court reasons, child support, or just peace of mind, a DNA paternity test can provide clear, conclusive answers.
  • Pharmacogenetic Testing: Your DNA can serve as an informative guide for how your body might react to a variety of prescription drugs. Skip the frustrating process of trying several medications to find one that works and use pharmacogenetic testing to discover what will work on the first try.
  • Ancestry: Learn more about your ancestral roots and trace your family history using the science of DNA.
  • Diet and Weight Loss: Weight loss can be a frustrating challenge, but your DNA can reveal why your tactics aren’t working – and help you create a new plan that will yield results.
  • Immigration Test and Information: The immigration process generally involves proof of familial relation, and there are a few different DNA tests that can help fulfill this requirement.

How do I choose a company to conduct my DNA analysis?

There are a large number of companies on the market promising DNA testing services, but it’s incredibly important to choose one with the experience and professionalism you can trust. Not only does the accuracy of your test results depend largely on the knowledge and procedures of their lab team, but so does the security of your personal genetic material.

Choose a trusted team of professionals like the ones at ARCpoint Labs for all your DNA testing needs and you can be confident that you are receiving top-of-the-line genetic services. Contact us or find your nearest location to learn more about our DNA testing services today.