What is a Five Panel Drug Test?

If you’re considering adding a drug test to your employment pre-screening process or workplace drug testing, there are a few different options to choose from. A five-panel drug test is the drug testing option most commonly utilized by private employers and government agencies, whether they are using it to screen job candidates or ensure the health and wellness of existing staff.

To determine if a five-panel drug screen is the right option for you and your company, here is some basic information about what it is, what it tests for, and how it can be used.

What is a five-panel drug test?

All drug tests are divided up into panels; each panel being a single drug that is being tested. A five-panel drug test is a comprehensive test that checks for the presence of five different drugs in the subject’s system. Typically, this drug test is administered as a simple urine test, which ensures accuracy and efficiency. When the test is correctly and professionally conducted, it also minimizes the opportunity for employees to falsify the material to be tested.

What does a five-panel drug test for?

Most commonly, a five-panel drug test will test for the most popularly abused substances, including opiates, THC (as found in marijuana), amphetamines, and cocaine.

Why are five-panel drug tests an important tool for employers?

Employee drug use is not only a huge issue for companies in terms of efficiency, performance, and safety, but it can also cost serious dollars when it comes to liability and worker’s compensation. If you have an employee that is using drugs, they become a danger to the workplace, productivity will go down, and your company will suffer.

By implementing five-panel drug tests, either as a part of pre-employment screening or on a random basis for existing employees (or both), you can take a proactive approach towards protecting your company from the hazard of illicit drug use.

How can I find a reputable source for five-panel drug testing?

Once you’ve decided to utilize five-panel drug testing at your company, the next step is locating a company that can provide the service. At ARCpoint Labs, our professional team can facilitate the process efficiently, using their knowledge and expertise to get you the accurate results you need in a timely manner.

Take the guesswork out of drug testing and make it an extremely important part of your company’s policies and procedures as soon as possible. Contact ARCpoint Labs or find your nearest lab location today to learn more about how we can help you implement five-panel drug testing in your company’s procedures.