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  • Food Assortment
    The Not-So-Small Secret to Better Health & Wellness: Micronutrient Testing

    Imagine spending hours every day for several months lifting weights, running miles, and consuming salads and protein shakes to ...

  • Help on a Scale
    Why Can’t You Lose Weight? *Hint: It May Not be Diet & Exercise

    You’ve tried everything. You cut out carbs and gluten, started running and doing yoga in the morning, and went to bed at a ...

  • Vitamin B12
    Are You at Risk for a Vitamin B12 Insufficiency?

    Vitamin B12 is an essential nutrient, meaning that the body does not produce it. Nor can the body store it for long periods ...

  • Various fruits and veggies spread out
    Micronutrient Insufficiency, Leaky Gut, and You

    Micronutrients consisting of certain vitamins, minerals, and metals, each provide unique benefits essential to health and ...

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