Our Very Own Wendell Long | Speaker at this Years Datia Conference!

What the CEO Really Wants
We are so honored that Wendell Long, owner of ARCpoint Labs of Tucson Arizona, will be a speaker at this years Datia Conference!

Wendell Long ran major casino resorts across the country for 35 years where he was the purchaser of large quantities of goods and services. Now the tables are turned. As a drug and alcohol testing provider, he’s now a vendor. His past career allows him to sell to and service clients much better because he knows how CEOs think and what they want because he was a CEO.

Wendell will share his insights with those who want to learn more about being in the “buyers” seat at this years Datia Conference, April 12th at the Sheraton Grand in Chicago, Illinois.

Again, what a prestigious honor to have one of our owners representing ARCpoint Labs as an expert in the field!