Are Antibody Tests Accurate and Reliable?

An antibody test for COVID-19 helps determine if a person had the illness in the past. It identifies whether someone has antibodies present, indicating that they previously fought off a COVID-19 infection.

  • A COVID-19 antibody test shows if a person’s immune system has produced antibodies in response to a past illness.
  • These tests are typically accurate at identifying the COVID-19 antibodies that develop when exposed to the virus.

Antibody Tests

These serology tests look for antibodies in your immune system. It can take days to several weeks for a person’s body to develop antibodies after fighting an illness. You can use tests of this type to determine if someone has had previous exposure to a COVID-19 infection. Antibody testing is not used for diagnostic testing as it does not show active conditions.

When a person’s immune system encounters bacteria or viruses, the body makes specific proteins to protect against the disease. This acquired immune system changes throughout a person’s life, depending on what pathogens a person fights.

The widely available antibody testing shows binding antibodies that develop in response to the COVID-19 virus. A new, more sensitive testing type finds neutralizing antibodies that may inactivate the virus. Professionals may perform this test following a binding antibody test.

Positive Antibody Test

The results of a test to detect antibodies are typically available within a few days. A positive test result indicates the individual previously fought off a COVID-19 illness. However, experts are still learning how long antibodies protect from sickness or if they reduce contagiousness. Thus, antibody testing offers valuable information for doctors and scientists studying this illness.

False-Positive Results

The accuracy of antibody test results is best three weeks after a person experiences the first symptoms of a COVID-19 illness. A person may receive false negative results if the process happens too soon after the onset of symptoms. However, the likelihood of a false-positive result is low with this kind of serology testing.

Accurate Tests

COVID-19 antibody tests are new because the virus itself is new. However, when lab technicians carefully and correctly collect and store blood samples, the results are usually accurate. In addition, false-positive test results are not likely, making them helpful in gathering data and understanding if a person’s immune system has developed an immune response to this illness.

Things To Consider

When utilizing an antibody test, consider the following things:

  • A positive result indicates that someone has antibodies from the virus that COVID-19 or other coronaviruses.
  • Antibodies protect people from becoming ill with the COVID virus again.
  • People who work in jobs requiring personal protective equipment should still wear the correct PPE for their job tasks.
  • People can have positive test results even if they never experienced COVID symptoms.

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