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How To Get DNA Testing Done

A DNA test is nearly 100 percent reliable in detecting whether a man is the biological father of another individual. If you require results for legal purposes, you must undergo the examination in a medical setting.

Cheek swabs are an accurate method for determining paternity. The possible father and the child provide samples at a medical facility. The samples are then sent to a laboratory for analysis. The potential father and child have buccal (cheek) cells collected by swabbing the inside of their cheeks. The cotton swab applicators are mailed to a selected laboratory. The office sends the samples to a laboratory when swabs are performed in a medical environment.

How to Get a Paternity Test

There are fourways to get a paternity test:

Non-Invasive Prenatal Paternity Test

This type of test can determine whether a man is the biological father of a child before the child is even born. In taking a non-invasive paternity test blood is collected from the mother and a cheek swab is obtained from the possible father. It is best if the mother is at least 8 weeks pregnant with child. The office sends the samples to its DNA laboratory for testing where the baby’s DNA found in the mothers blood is separated from the mothers. The DNA is then compared to the possible fathers DNA. In that the collections take place in a medical office following a stringent chain of custody the test results are acknowledged as legal proof.

When Using an At-home Paternity Test Kit

An at-home paternity test kit is an option if you wish to determine paternity only for your information and peace of mind. Most kits are available at drugstores, while others are sold online.

The kit and lab charges are quite low; it is quick, painless, and simple to get the DNA in the comfort of your own home. Even babies can have cheek swabs taken for testing purposes. However, because individuals gather and submit their own DNA, the results are inadmissible in court.

When Ordering a Legal Test from a Laboratory

This test entails identifying the individuals participating in a DNA study, which involves a more stringent chain of custody for DNA samples. Consequently, the results of a Legal DNA Test are acknowledged as legal proof of the relationship and can be used for the following purposes:

  • Orders of Contact/Custody
  • Change a Birth Certificate
  • Child Support
  • Controversial trusts or wills
  • Immigration
  • Individual Profiling for Identification Purposes

Dealing directly with the lab can be a more cost-effective and secure approach to obtaining court-admissible results. Additionally, the process is quick, taking 15 to 20 minutes at ARCpoint Labs of Omaha.

When Going Through the Courts for Legal Testing

A lawyer can arrange the test by preparing your case and requesting that the court order one if the court thinks it is essential. In most situations, the court orders it directly from the lab and arranges it for you. Depending on the court's decision, you may or may not be required to pay for testing. If the supposed father denies paternity and the DNA test findings are positive, the court can compel the father to pay for the tests.

With this DNA test, you are at the court's mercy regarding when and how you'll see test results. In addition, if you have issues with effects, you are not allowed to contact the lab used by the court for testing directly, and you must address all questions to the court.

Effective and Reliable DNA Testing In Omaha

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We are convinced that you will feel at ease at our Omaha testing facility, owing to our commitment to accurate results and exceptional customer service. Contact us to schedule an appointment for a DNA test or if you have any additional questions.