Does CBD Show Up On A Drug Test?

Drug tests are necessary for work, travel, school, and many other reasons. While there is no proper regulation of CBD products, they might show a positive drug test result. Are you worried that CBD would show on your drug test? This article comprehensively reviews professional drug testing and whether CBD might show on a drug test.

How Drug Tests for Cannabis Work

THC is the target of cannabis drug tests and not CBD. Few drug tests can detect the presence of cannabis in the human body.

The immunoassay is one of the most common cannabis drug tests. In this test, a patient's urine sample or other body fluids, such as blood, is tested for chemicals such as THC's active metabolite or breakdown component. This test does not test for THC presence directly and provides no information about the patient's impairment level. It also gives no information on the amount of THC a person was exposed to.

The immunoassay tests are affordable, easy to use, and produce quick results. Presumptive screening tests are necessary because false negatives and positives are possible. Many organizations involve confirmation drug testing as a next step.

Forensic and workplace drug testing is normally conducted using confirmatory testing that utilizes mass spectrometry. Confirmatory testing is regarded as the drug testing gold standard because it is the most efficient way of detecting drug presence in someone's blood or urine.

Mass spectrometry is an advanced testing method that detects compounds depending on their chemical structures and is generally merged with other advanced testing procedures for confirmatory testing. However, mass spectrometry is more costly and demanding, and it takes longer to get results than immunoassays and other methods.

Drug tests can detect THC three days after a single use and for more than 30 days when heavily used. This range is because THC is fat-soluble and can be kept in body fat for a long time. Acute use of THC can lead to THC concentration in fatty tissues, thus slowly releasing it into the bloodstream with time.

What Level of THC Leads to a Positive Result on a Drug Test?

There is no single THC level that is assessed in all drug tests. Therefore, manufacturers of different laboratory tests are likely to have distinct cutoff levels for positive THC test results.

For instance, the THC cutoff level on an immunoassay test is 50 nanograms per milliliter of urine. This level shows the THC metabolites concentration in a person's urine but does not signify the amount of THC consumed.

Can CBD Use Lead to a Positive Result on a Drug Test?

Drug Testing

Using CBD can lead to a positive drug test result if a person takes a CBD product with higher THC levels than those indicated on the label. Since CBD products are majorly unregulated, they may contain undesired contaminants such as THC on other harmful drugs.

Regular consumption of CBD products may be harmful, as some contain harmful ingredients. In addition, while CBD may not get you high or lead to a positive drug test result, CBD products are likely to have higher levels of THC than indicated by the manufacturers.

Does the Type of CBD Matter?

CBD is acquired from a particular cannabis strain of Cannabis Sativa, hemp. The specific use of hemp-derived products does not necessarily protect you during drug testing. The growth, sale, and possession of cannabis are illegal in some states. Any THC-positive drug test can have serious legal consequences, even though it resulted from THC-infused CBD products.

How to Make Sure a CBD Product Doesn't Contain THC

Due to poor regulation, it may be difficult to tell a CBD product that contains negligible THC traces. However, always look for a Certificate of Analysis (COA) that lists the compounds found in a CBD product. It is usually available on the company's website.

Failure to provide a COA signifies the company is not testing its products. Conversely, it might imply they try them but want to conceal the results from consumers.

Effective & Reliable Drug Testing in Omaha

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