How to Establish Drug a Drug Testing Policy Within The Workplace

Companies constantly strive to improve their quality of service for their client’s satisfaction. They create workplaces that are highly productive and safe. Generally, a drug-free workplace allows employees to collaborate effectively to meet the company’s expectations and its clients.

Drug Abuse in the Workplace

Workplaces tend to have people from all walks of life, and companies need diversity. However, everyone will have a different personality and a way of life. The use of drugs impairs individuals’ ability to make the right decisions required for maximum productivity.

Substance Abuse and Mental Health Administration (SAMHSA) reports that about 68.9% of drug users are employees of various industries. Also, the illegal sale of drugs is standard in most workplaces, worsening the situation.

However, substance abuse costs employers significant amounts of capital that will hurt the company financially. Finding a way to reduce and regulate effectively is the first step towards the company’s goals.

Workplace Drug Testing and Its Implementation

Workplace Drug testing refers to how an employer determines if their staff or job applicants use illegal drugs. The most common testing used in this case is pre-employment tests that allow employers to make hiring decisions. It helps identify evidence of using illicit drugs, prescription drugs, or recent alcohol use.

The implementation of the testing is not going to be a quick process. The employer has to make the necessary plans to ensure the workplace will be safe for everyone. Consider looking for professionals to help you deliver accurate and reliable tests.

Drug-Free Workplace Policy

It is common to find employers denying their staff’s use of illicit drugs. However, to reveal the truth, a drug test is necessary. Without a proper drug test, employees can comfortably report to work under the influence of drugs or alcohol, leading to safety issues.

The policy should be part of the workplace culture set by the employer that will address the company’s thrust and make it drug-free. Also, the U.S. Department of Labor has some guides to help formulate the policy.

Components of an Effective Workplace Drug testing Policy

A comprehensive company policy for workplace substance use and abuse will include:

  • Purpose: These are the reasons why you need a drug test and what you want to accomplish
  • Coverage: This includes everyone who will take part in the test
  • Timing: Indicates the time when the test will take place
  • Protection of employee privacy: Here, you will state that every employee’s data will remain confidential
  • Policy Violations: State the consequences that await anyone who fails to conduct the test when required, such as warnings or suspensions.
  • Assistance: Offer help to employees with drug problems. It may include rehab and reintegration training to return to work.

Workplace Drug Testing Methods

The most widely used drug test in workplaces is the urine test. However, some employers are now turning to hair or saliva testing as an alternative.

Benefits of Workplace Drug Testing

Over the years, many reports show increased drug-related incidents in the workplace. It pushes companies to look for ways to prevent employees from using drugs while at work. Other benefits include: 

  • It promotes safety in the workplace.
  • It helps to reduce potential legal liability for employers.
  • It will reduce abuse of drugs in the workplace and improve general productivity.
  • Drug testing also reduces cases of employee absence.
  • Company recruitment costs will significantly reduce as you get employees you can trust.


Drug testing in the company is a necessity. It is essential to create a safe environment where employees can perform better and help the company meet its client’s demands.

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