How Accurate is the SneakPeek® Early Gender Reveal Test

Are you an expectant parent eager to find out the gender of your unborn baby? With the SneakPeek® Early Gender Reveal Test, you can now get accurate results as early as six weeks into pregnancy. No more waiting until the second trimester!

Traditionally, expectant parents had to wait until around 11-21 weeks after conception to have an ultrasound or other tests done to determine the gender of their baby. However, with advancements in technology, the SneakPeek® Early Gender Reveal Test has revolutionized the way parents can find out their baby's gender.

The SneakPeek® Early Gender Reveal Test offered by ARCpoint Labs of Omaha provides expectant parents with an accurate and reliable option to find out their baby's gender as early as six weeks into pregnancy. This article will explore the accuracy and benefits of this innovative testing method, giving you all the information you need to make an informed decision about your early gender reveal.

What is the SneakPeek® Early Gender Test?

SneakPeek® is a non-invasive prenatal DNA test that helps reveal the gender of an unborn baby. SneakPeek® is an alternative to tests like ultrasound, which reveal gender after several weeks into pregnancy. This DNA reveals gender for as short as six weeks.

Is SneakPeek® accurate? Beyond the ability to detect gender early, SneakPeek® has superb accuracy. Thus, you can depend on its results to begin planning for your unborn baby.

How Does the SneakPeek® Early Gender Test Work?

The SneakPeek® early gender test is straightforward. The expectant parents schedule a test at ARCpoint Labs of Omaha to collect samples. After analysis, your results are sent by mail, email, or text. You can get the results in less than 48 hours.

How Accurate Is SneakPeek® Gender Test?

How accurate is SneakPeek®? The SneakPeek® Early Gender Test has an accuracy rate of 99.9%. This means that for every 1,000 test kits, only one can give an error. The laboratory validated the accuracy through a random test involving 1,029 pregnant women. The study participants had a gestational age range of 7 to 37 weeks. After the test, 1,028 out of 1,029 kits accurately predicted the baby's gender.

  • To enhance SneakPeek® accuracy, one should go to a professional testing facility such as ARCpoint Labs of Omaha. Here the samples are collected by trained phlebotomists in a clean environment using proper collection procedures.

Partner With ARCpoint Labs of Omaha: Ensuring Accuracy in Gender Reveal Testing

Accuracy is paramount in gender reveal tests, ensuring that celebrations and preparations are based on reliable results. The accuracy eliminates disappointments that might arise from an incorrect prediction.

At ARCpoint Labs of Omaha, we understand the significance of this test. For that reason, we use accurate tests to guarantee an error-free reveal. We handle the entire process quickly, so you get results on time.

Contact us to schedule your SneakPeek® early gender reveal test.