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How To Avoid Employees Cheating On Drug Tests

by | Dec 23, 2023 | Uncategorized

Part of running a business involves creating an environment where employees feel safe and secure. Employer drug testing at ARCpoint Labs of Omaha is one way to ensure your staff has a positive workplace, increasing job satisfaction and production.

  • Employment drug testing is a valuable tool for businesses to create a professional and safe work atmosphere.
  • There are various ways to cheat on an employment drug test. Knowing the ways employees may try to falsify test results is the first step to preventing these tricks.

How Do People Cheat on Drug Tests?

Testing your employees for drug use with ARCpoint Labs of Omaha is an excellent way to ensure professionalism in the workplace, but sometimes staff members cheat on their drug tests. Understanding the ways people can tamper with their tests is the first step to preventing this behavior.

Delaying Testing

Your employees may delay the date of their drug testing until they know that drugs are no longer present in their systems.

Diluting Samples

The person taking the drug test may drink large amounts of water beforehand to dilute a urine sample. Sometimes, people put water directly into the sample container. These methods of cheating reduce the detectable drug levels, increasing the chances of negative test results.

Contaminating Samples With Chemicals

When your staff or potential employees add chemicals like peroxide, eye drops, soap, or bleach to their urine samples, this makes the test invalid.

Swapping Samples

Workers may cheat employment drug testing by submitting clean urine samples from someone else. Or, they may use pet urine, synthetic urine, or powdered urine pockets mixed with water.


Others may try to detoxify their bodies by eating certain foods or herbs. Drinking herbal teas, eating high-fiber foods, or herbs like burdock or red clover can flush toxins out of the body.

How Can Employers Prevent Cheating?

The first step to keeping your employees honest when taking drug tests is knowing how they can cheat the system. Implementing random drug testing for your business helps prevent the various techniques used to hide drug use. When you do not give staff time to prepare false results and only allow a limited window to take the test, they are less likely to try to deceive you.

Limit the possibility of deception by:

  • Keeping track of lab check-in times: Employees that take a long time to get to the employment drug test site or show up after the lab is closed may have something to hide.
  • Minimizing notice: Do not schedule tests on a consistent schedule. Invite new staff to a second interview and send them to the lab when they arrive.
  • Utilizing alternative testing methods: If the law allows, consider testing hair samples or oral fluids instead of urine testing.

Employer Drug Testing Services in Omaha

Most business owners have an alcohol and drug testing policy during the hiring process, but maintaining a safe workplace requires more action. Incorporating a random drug testing program protects your business from potential issues and shields your employees from a negative work environment.

ARCpoint Labs of Omaha can assist you with developing a program that tests for the proper substances at the appropriate frequencies. Our professionals offer you the tools and expertise to secure a positive, productive workplace. Get in touch with us today to learn how our company can help you avoid potential false drug test results.

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