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Professional vs DNA Testing At Home

by | Dec 23, 2023 | Uncategorized

With the rise of at-home DNA testing kits, learning more about ancestry and paternity is easier than ever. However, while these tests may seem convenient, they come with several limitations compared to professional DNA testing.

Although helpful, people need clarification when choosing between professional and home DNA testing. Keep reading as ARCpoint Labs of Omaha explores the differences between professional and at-home DNA testing to help you decide which option is best for you.

How DNA Testing Works

DNA testing involves analyzing a person’s genetic fingerprint. The DNA testing process begins with the collection of a sample. Doctors take the DNA sample from your blood, urine, or saliva; they can also get the DNA sample from your hair or skin cells. You can collect the sample yourself or have the process done in a lab.

After DNA is collected, genetic experts analyze it for specific genetic markers. They use the DNA results to determine paternity and predisposition to certain diseases. They also use genetic markers to establish or disprove a person’s identity.

At-Home DNA Testing Kits are Wrong 40% of the Time

DNA testing at home is a convenient alternative to laboratory testing. With this test option, you collect the DNA samples yourself. You then send the sample to a lab for analysis. The lab then analyzes the sample and sends you the results.

Despite the convenience, home DNA tests are less accurate. Studies have shown that the kits are inaccurate 40% of the time. These inaccuracies can have severe consequences, including paternity disputes and unnecessary medical intervention.

Clinical Genetic Testing is Specific to the Patient & More Accurate

Clinical genetic tests are considered the gold standard. These tests are performed by genetic experts and show more definitive results. Unlike home tests, clinical genetic tests are accurate and reliable.

Doctors use clinical genetic tests to check your susceptibility to genetic diseases. The results of the test help them make informed decisions about disease prevention. The results of a clinical genetic test can also help tailor treatment options.

Moreover, clinical genetic tests are ideal for paternity testing. Authorities consider them standard because trained professionals perform them in a controlled laboratory. They cannot give misleading results like DNA testing at home.

Court-Ordered & Court-admissible Testing

In addition to personal and medical reasoning, DNA tests are also used in the court of law. The court may sometimes order testing for legal matters such as paternity disputes. The court may order testing in custody cases and private investigations.

In such a case, DNA testing must be court admissible. The sample should be analyzed using a reliable test in an accredited laboratory. Otherwise, the court will consider the results unreliable. One cannot then present them as evidence.

At ARCpoint Labs of Omaha, we are the leading court-ordered and admissible testing provider. Our services are accurate, confidential, and reliable. Our team will ensure you get results quickly to expedite your legal matter.

We perform DNA testing services for all legal matters. These services include child visitation rights, paternity, and private investigations. In addition, our court-approved tests are ideal for divorce proceedings and child custody cases.

Effective & Reliable DNA Testing in Omaha

There is no better option than ARCpoint Labs of Omaha for DNA testing in Omaha. We are a reliable testing lab that offers a wide range of DNA testing services. Our services include court-ordered testing, paternity testing, and DNA testing for immigration processes.

At ARCpoint Labs of Omaha, we understand that time is of the essence when it comes to DNA testing. We strive to deliver results as quickly as possible. Contact us today to schedule an appointment for your DNA test.

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