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Where Can I Go to Get Tested for STDs?

by | Dec 23, 2023 | Uncategorized

When it comes to sex, some common pieces of advice people get are “get tested” and “use protection.” As repetitive and annoying as these get, it is important to take sex seriously, as getting STDs can be commonplace without you even knowing their existence. STDs can be present without showing warning signs or symptoms, so it’s crucial to get tested regularly, especially if you have engaged in sex with multiple partners.

But what types of STD testing do you need? And how often should you be screened? Well, this depends on your age, sexual behaviors, and other risk factors. If the phrase "free STD testing near me " is a regular feature on your search engine, then you’re in the right place. This article will shed more light on what you need to know about STD testing, including its importance, costs, and actions to take. Let’s jump in!

Why is it Important to Get Tested For STDs?

Regularly testing for STDs keeps your partner(s) safe by reducing your likelihood of passing it on to other people. STDs can cause long-term health complications, so getting tested helps you take precautions, know your status, and explore your treatment options if needed. This ensures that you don’t suffer the long-term complications resulting from an STD.

How Much Does an STD Test Cost?

STD testing costs vary depending on the facility and the tests needed, and. The cost varies depending on the types of STDs being tested for and whether you have symptoms or need further examination, ranging anywhere from $0-250.

If the question "where can I get free STD testing near me?" regularly pops up in your head, then you can rest easy, because STD testing can also be provided for free or at a low cost through Medicaid and other government programs. Furthermore, some health centers provide free or low-cost STD tests to low-income earners.

What Happens When I Get Tested For STDs?

The type of test depends on the infection, and some infections can be tested in more than one way. Your healthcare provider may:

  • Conduct a urinalysis where they test your urine sample for indications of an STD
  • Use a swab to obtain microscopic examination samples, such as discharge, tissue, or saliva
  • Carry out a physical examination – during this procedure, your physician will search for any indications of infection, such as sores, rashes, or discharge, in the genitalia
  • Draw a blood sample – your healthcare specialist obtains a sample of your blood and examines its contents for indications of an STD

How Will I Know the STD Tests I Need?

There isn’t a singular STD test that can diagnose every known sexually transmitted disease. Instead, various tests can be utilized both when symptoms are present and when they are not. Depending on your age, sexual behavior, sex, and other characteristics, these tests are utilized for the most common STDs.

When in doubt, you should consult your healthcare provider, as this will make it easier for them to decide which STD tests are most appropriate for you. To ensure you receive the attention you require, be upfront and honest with healthcare professionals. Remember that your doctor is there to help you, not to judge you.

What Should I Do If I Find Out I Have An STD?

After learning you have an STD, the best course of action is to adhere to your healthcare provider’s treatment recommendations. You should also inform your sex partner(s) of the infection so they can get tested, as this will enable them to get treated if they have the infection, thus preventing them from spreading the disease.

Many STDs are easily curable and manageable, provided you follow your healthcare providers treatment advice.

Leaning on your partner, a close friend, or a family member may help you feel better if you’re struggling to cope. Counselors and therapists are also equipped to help you through this process.

Additionally, there are supportive forums online where you can interact with others who have undergone a similar experience as yours. These groups can provide the social support you need when dealing with the results of your tests, especially where the STD is incurable.

STD Testing Near Me

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