• STD Letter Blocks on a table with medication and medical equipment
    Where Can I Go to Get Tested for STDs?

    When it comes to sex, some common pieces of advice people get are “get tested” and “use protection.” As repetitive and annoying as ...

  • Drug Test Strips
    Drug Testing Limits

    Workplace drug testing is good for businesses and for the people who work there. It’s a way to provide help for employees who are ...

  • Drug Test Report
    Does Legalizing Marijuana Affect Employer Drug Screening?

    In 1969, only 12 percent of the American population supported its legalization. By 2018, that figure had grown to 66 percent. So ...

  • Hand holding a urine sample
    How to Establish Drug a Drug Testing Policy Within The Workplace

    Companies constantly strive to improve their quality of service for their client’s satisfaction. They create workplaces that are ...

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