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As a Human Resources professional, you play a central role in the health and safety of your company and its employees. Maintaining a safe workplace, ensuring that all employees adhere to company policy, and providing your company with a framework for success are just a few of the important jobs you are tasked with. Implementing compliant background checks and drug and alcohol testing policies fulfills all three of these critical areas, but as an HR professional, it can often be overwhelming to try to figure out how to establish these policies on your own.

Thankfully, you don’t have to navigate these waters alone. ARCpoint Labs offers several HR employment solutions that will help your team navigate the development and implementation of policies and procedures. From support in policy development to specialized corporate training for your HR and management team, we can help you protect your business and everyone in it.

Policy Development

Creating new company policies or updating existing ones can be tricky, and knowing how to protect your company from future legal issues is important. This is why ARCpoint Labs offers support services for new policy development, as well as updating existing policies.

Background Checks

Conducting prescreening before hiring a new employee is critical to the safety, health, and financial protection of your company. ARCpoint Labs has several levels of background screening services, so you can choose the ones that best fit your company.

*Services vary by location. Contact your local ARCpoint Labs for additional information.

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Drug & Alcohol Testing

Whether you are looking for a pre-hire screening, a random drug testing program, or some combination of the two, ARCpoint Labs has a range of services to fit your needs. We provide accurate, reliable, and confidential testing, and our professional team will make sure your employees feel comfortable.

DOT Compliance Services

DOT regulations can get confusing, but it is incredibly important to be sure that your company is correctly implementing procedures, especially in the case of an audit. Our team can administer DOT-approved testing, assist in providing consortium services, and can also help manage your DOT-specific policies and procedures. We also have a “Supervisor Signs and Symptoms” training to help prepare your team for specific situations in the workplace, including suspected drug and alcohol use.

Wellness & Telehealth

A health and wellness program can be simple or complex, depending upon the needs of your company and employees. Implementing health and wellness measures in the workplace can have a significant benefit on your company, including an improvement in employee retention and satisfaction, as well as a decrease in paid sick leave and workers’ compensation.