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The ARCpoint Expanded Employee Assistance Program

ARCpoint Labs Well Being SolutionsAre you looking to create a workplace culture that thrives on health and wellness? Do you wish there was a solution available that functioned as a one-stop shop for employee assistance, substance abuse testing and training, and even team building to foster strong bonds and connections within your organization? Look no further.

ARCpoint Wellbeing Solutions is an innovative Employee Assistance Program (EAP) designed to provide employers of all sizes with an easy and simple comprehensive health and wellbeing solution for employees and their family members. It eliminates the need for multiple service providers and offers enhanced employee assistance services created with your employees’ well-being and total health in mind. Application of our program can improve your organization’s staff engagement and productivity and enhance your employees’ life satisfaction.

Providing 24/7 support for employees struggling with drug and alcohol misuse, financial stress, and/or other mental and emotional health issues is the foundation of our program. We provide the resources and training needed for healthy and happy employees, which in return, creates a positive workplace culture.

Employee Benefits & Services

Counseling is one of the most requested and needed services for employees. Unfortunately, not all insurance programs may offer or cover these services. Through our extensive program, all participants receive up to five sessions with professionals from our network. Counseling, plus access to the program and resources, is available online, via video chat, in person, and even through a smartphone application--putting benefits and services in the most convenient locations for employees to access. Additional Wellbeing Solutions services include:

  • Financial education & budgeting support
  • Childcare support & searchable referrals
  • Adult case support & searchable referrals
  • Geriatric care assistance & planning support
  • Consultation & referrals for education (schools, tutors, classes, etc.)
  • Digital health risk assessment tools
  • Life coaching
  • Mindfulness program
  • Self-paced, computerized Cognitive Behavioral Therapy program
  • Legal advice & counseling
  • Identity breach counseling & support
  • Savings center for discounts & financial savings support
  • English & Spanish tools and resources available to download

Business Benefits & Services

Businesses that invest in comprehensive programs like ours often see decreased absenteeism, presenteeism, and workplace accidents, as well as a lower turnover rate. ARCpoint's team of professionals is dedicated to helping businesses improve employee engagement, satisfaction, and wellness. We know that employers cannot do this all on their own, so our Wellbeing Solutions program provides tools and resources that assist businesses and managers in helping their employees live healthy, safe, and productive lives of balance. Some of the support programs included for businesses are:

Manager speaking with an Employee

Substance Abuse Professional (SAP) Services
When an employee covered under DOT testing regulations fails or refuses to complete a drug or alcohol test, the employee must meet with a DOT-qualified SAP before resuming safety-sensitive duties. In accordance with their up-to-date drug and alcohol policy, the employer may choose to immediately terminate the employee or allow the employee to return to work once the SAP’s evaluation, education, and/or treatment requirements have been completed.

The Wellbeing Solutions program includes both the initial and follow-up SAP evaluation, free of additional charge. Employees in the general workforce who fail or refuse to complete a drug or alcohol test can also be referred to Wellbeing Solutions for an extensive assessment and referral to education and/or treatment as needed. This inclusive service means you as an employer can truly support employees who need assistance, allowing your business to improve employees' lives and increase employee retention.

Manager Training & Support with Manager Assist
As a manager, supervisor, or team leader, you must juggle many responsibilities at work while also balancing personal and family obligations. Manager Assist is a free and confidential resource of the Wellbeing Solutions program that helps leaders manage their employees, resolve interpersonal conflicts, address concerning employee behaviors before escalation, and provide training and counseling to employees struggling with performance or conduct issues.

To learn more about how your company can benefit from an enhanced employee assistance program like ARCpoint Wellbeing Solutions, contact your local lab to explore the full suite of services and tools available.

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