COVID-19 Travel Tests

Don’t Miss Your Next Flight

Traveling can be stressful, but it doesn’t have to be. Whether you are planning a vacation, getting together with friends and family, or are traveling for work, ARCpoint Labs offers convenient COVID-19 testing and quick results to help you get on your way.

Travel with Ease

When flying internationally, chances are you’ll have to show a negative COVID-19 test before you can board the plane. Your local ARCpoint Labs can provide a quick, convenient test with reliable results in a matter of hours.

Different destinations have different COVID-19 testing requirements, and it can be hard to keep up with the ever-changing. Our network of industry experts can help you determine which test you need for your trip based on where you’re going and when.

We Make Testing Quick & Easy

ARCpoint Labs is committed to making our services easy, convenient, and accessible. When you come to us for your COVID-19 test, you’ll get your results in five easy steps:

  • Schedule your appointment with ARCpoint Labs online or by phone.
  • Fill out your intake forms before your visit.
  • Receive your appointment confirmation and unique QR code via email or text.
  • Use your unique QR code to check in for your appointment.
  • Get your results quickly via a secure email and/or text message.

ARCpoint Labs empowers individuals to make informed decisions about their health and safety with easy, convenient, and confidential lab testing services. With our COVID-19 travel tests, the answers you need are closer than you think.

We are not approved for Hawaii travel at this time.

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Testing is Simple and Quick
  • Step 1 Schedule Your Appointment
  • Step 2 Fill out your intake forms before your appointment
  • Step 3* Receive your appointment confirmation and unique QR code via text and email
  • Step 4 Use your unique QR code to check-in to your appointment
  • Step 5 Get your results via a secure email and text message in a timely manner
*This process is available for our Rapid Antigen and PCR Testing services at participating locations