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For companies that employ drivers of commercial vehicles greater than 26,001 lbs., carrying 16+ passengers, or transporting hazardous materials, the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration mandates the use of the Clearinghouse. Our team has the knowledge and experience to help businesses understand what these new regulations mean and how they affect your company. We’ll help you create an action plan so that you always remain in compliance and don’t endure penalties.

There are several requirements for companies that need to comply with DOT regulations. ARCpoint Labs can be your support to both help you prepare and manage the Clearinghouse.

Additional resources we can provide you with today:

  • One-on-one consultation and assistance via phone or in person
  • ARCpoint Labs DOT employer flyer
  • Registration guide for employers and drivers
  • Clearinghouse query plans information
  • Queries and consent requests
  • Driver consent form for annual limited query
  • Documentation form of employer-determined refusal
  • FMCSA Clearinghouse access confidentiality agreement and acknowledgment

ARCpoint Labs is a network of Drug, Alcohol, and DOT industry experts across the country who can help you prepare for the Clearinghouse and assist you in managing. We can offer support over the phone or in person.

*Services vary by location. Contact your local ARCpoint Labs for additional information.

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Onsite & After Hours Services

While not always required by DOT regulations, on-site and after-hours testing can provide additional safety and convenience for employers.

ARCpoint Labs certified collectors can come to your facility, reducing employee downtime, and providing you peace of mind when random, for-cause, or post-accident testing is required. Our staff adheres strictly to all federal guidelines, even when on-site—including appropriate random selection, strict chain-of-custody protocols, and accurate collection procedures for both urine drug collections and breath alcohol tests.