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When it comes to legal matters, you need the most accurate drug and alcohol tests available. More than 300 drug courts currently operate within the United States serving more than 130,000 people. Each drug or alcohol case is unique, and the futures of countless depend on prompt, confidential, and court-admissible results.

ARCpoint Labs provides the legal and judicial drug and alcohol testing required in many legal cases, including potential for reduced or dismissed sentencing. Each of our collectors is certified to ensure accuracy and security, and SAMHSA certified labs process nearly every sample taken. We also provide a range of drug and alcohol tests to suit your specific legal needs. Depending on the window of detection required, we offer 10 panel urine testing and EtG for alcohol misuse as well as hair and nail sample analysis. Plus, our Medical Review Officer ensures peace of mind when prescription validity comes into play.

Whether your legal issue pertains to visitation rights or sentencing, ARCpoint Labs serves you with the prompt, accurate, court-admissible results you need. And with more than 20 years of nationwide drug court experience, you can rely on our confidentiality and adherence to state and federal requirements at from collection to speedy delivery of your confidential results.

*Services vary by location. Contact your local ARCpoint Labs for additional information.

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Court-Ordered, Court-Admissible Testing

DNA, alcohol, and drug testing is often required by courts and legal entities, and the results can significantly impact the outcomes of cases. ARCpoint Labs is the partner they can trust. All of our employees are trained in the proper protocols and procedures for legally admissible collections, including a strict chain-of-custody procedure. Whether you’re an attorney, judge, social worker, or another individual looking for court-admissible results, we will provide the accuracy and reliability you need.