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Our mission is to empower you to manage your health and wellness through our affordable lab testing services.

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Improve your health and get the answers you need… on your terms.

DNA Testing

Need to solve a question of paternity for legal reasons or simply peace of mind? Searching for more details on your ancestors or information on your ethnicity? DNA testing unlocks answers and reveals information hiding within our cellular structure. If you want answers regarding paternity, immigration, infidelity or distant lineage, turn to DNA testing at ARCpoint Labs.


STD Testing

  • 100% Confidential
  • Quick & Easy Collection
  • If you think you have one STD, you probably have more.
  • The CDC recommends that everyone over the age of 50 should be tested for Hepatitis C.
  • If you are sexually active, you should get tested regularly

Drug & Alcohol Testing

  • Drug & Alcohol testing for parents, for athletes, for employers and for you.
  • We provide hassle-free testing to lessen your burden or provide you peace of mind.
  • We can test for a variety of drugs including opiates, cocaine, amphetamines, methamphetamines, steroids, marijuana, benzodiazepines, synthetic drugs, methadone, PCP and many more.
  • Pinpoint one time or long-term usage of any number of harmful substances with a variety of collection options:
    urine, hair, nail, saliva, and blood


Trips to the doctor’s office are inconvenient, time-consuming and expensive. With ARCpoint MD, you can see a doctor from wherever you want, whenever you want and without having to make an appointment or even leave your home. Learn more at

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