A Variety of Physicals to Fit Your Needs

Physicals are an essential part of any healthy lifestyle. A physical exam offers an excellent opportunity to get clearance for activities, insurance sign offs, and miscellaneous programs. These exams can potentially uncover an array of health issues and risks to be mindful of in the future as well.

At ARCpoint Labs, we offer convenient, personalized physical exams that accommodate your schedule. Our physicals are easy to schedule and quickly completed. We promise:

  • Short wait times
  • Exams tailored to your needs
  • Convenient and flexible appointment options

We customize each personal physical to suit individual needs. Our qualified staff are ready to offer streamlined solutions to provide comprehensive insights into your health today!

Do You Need a Physical: A Quick Q&A

Why are they important?

The physicals we perform are typically aimed at clearing customers for various personal and professional activities. Our personal physicals can reveal vital information about potential risk factors or other health conditions that may require further medical review by a professional. We go above and beyond to provide thorough reports that convey the results as clearly as possible.

Our customers often request personal physicals to satisfy requirements set by:

  • Sports programs
  • Schools
  • Adventure hobbies (hiking, scuba diving, etc.)
  • Camps or special event programs
  • Insurance requirements
  • And much more

Whatever the motivation, the information you’ll receive will help reinforce healthy living habits and set a strong foundation by increasing your self-knowledge. Our top priority is to ensure your entire experience is as smooth and seamless as possible!

Don’t hesitate to schedule a physical today! We can perform personal physicals virtually or in person. Feel free to contact your local APL to ask about the specific services they provide.

*Services vary by location. Contact your local ARCpoint Labs for additional information.

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