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ARCpoint Labs of Renton is proud to be your trusted partner and provider of highly accurate, time-efficient testing services. Years of experience and ongoing training in the latest testing technology have allowed us to become a leader in the industry, establishing long-term professional relationships with companies both small and large. Whether you’re seeking a customized testing service to incorporate into your company’s drug and alcohol policy, require a DOT-certified lab to ensure federal compliance, or are in need of a quick, accurate alcohol test anywhere in the Puget Sound area after a workplace accident, ARCpoint Labs has exactly what you’re looking for.

Available Services at ARCpoint Labs in Renton, WA

We are locally owned, allowing us the flexibility to tailor our services to fit your specific situation and needs – it’s alcohol testing your way, on your terms. Highly trained certified technicians are prepared to administer your tests utilizing the latest technology and up-to-date testing procedures, ensuring the most accurate results in the industry. ARCpoint Labs’ mission has always been to deliver our testing services with accuracy, professionalism, and efficiency, eliminating the hassle often associated with drug and alcohol testing. As an employer, you’ll be dealing with a number of situations in which alcohol testing is not only recommended, but often highly necessary:


Before you bring a new employee onto your team, a pre-employment alcohol test can ensure you’re making the right choice – because as important as skills and experience may be, workplace sobriety is critical.

Random Testing:

Studies have shown that random alcohol and drug testing decrease employee use of illicit substances. Take proactive measures against alcohol use in the workplace by making random testing a part of your company’s drug and alcohol policy.

Reasonable Suspicion:

Decreased performance and erratic behavior not only affects your company’s bottom line, but it can also lead to serious liability issues. If you’re unsure about an employee’s sobriety, a professionally-administered alcohol test can get you the answers you need.


Alcohol and drug use play a major role in many workplace accidents, making post-accident testing an incredibly important step to ensure safety.

Drug Policy Review:

An up-to-date drug policy is a valuable protective measure to ensure that all employees are clear about your company’s expectations and policies. ARCpoint Labs can review your existing policy or help you create a new one, ensuring that all policies and procedures comply with ever-changing laws.

Choosing the Right Drug Testing Service for You

At ARCpoint Labs in Renton, WA, we’re proud to be a trusted provider of testing solutions to meet your company’s needs. If you’re interested in learning more about our wide range of customizable testing services, we invite you to contact our team today.


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