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Is a DNA Test Required for Immigration?

by | Dec 23, 2023 | Uncategorized

The immigration system can seem complicated and intimidating, but understanding the legal requirements and proper steps can help make the experience easier for you and your loved ones. Following the required steps and adhering to immigration law can help avoid obstacles or delays, minimize stress, expense and time. One of the numerous aspects of the immigration application process involves providing proof of biological and familial relationships, especially for those submitting immigration forms like I-130.

Proving Biological Relationships Using DNA Testing

DNA testing is a simple and highly accurate method for authenticating family relationships. This type of analysis tests an individual’s genetic material, usually via a mouth swab.

Is DNA Testing Required for Immigration to the U.S.?

Although DNA testing is not always required, the USCIS highly recommends it as a reliable method for proving biological relationships. In situations where birth documentation isn’t available, DNA may be the only option. Some people have reported that DNA testing significantly expedites the application and approval process.

Where Can I Get an Immigration DNA Test?

It’s important to choose your lab carefully when you’re in need of a DNA test for immigration purposes. The USCIS has specific rules that testing labs must adhere to for their results to be accepted in the immigration application process. The lab must be fully accredited and impartial, ensuring that results are accurate and non-biased.

Mail-order labs promise credible DNA testing, but some are not accepted by U.S. immigration. One of the primary issues with at-home lab kits and mail-in samples is related to the chain of custody. Proper chain of custody requires that the biological sample (mouth swab, etc.) is in the hands of a trusted, impartial party at all times. This eliminates the possibility of falsified results or contamination.

Immigration DNA Testing Provided by {Sub:BusinessName}

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