About Us

About Us

ARCpoint Labs is a full-service national third-party provider/administrator of accurate, reliable, and confidential diagnostic testing for individuals, companies, and legal and healthcare professionals. We’ve been in the drug and alcohol testing business for over 18 years, and our staff has over 60 years of combined industry experience.

Our testing expertise includes:

  • Drugs
  • Alcohol
  • Clinical healthcare
  • Corporate wellness programs
  • DNA
  • Employment/background checks
  • Steroids and other performance-enhancing drugs (PEDs)

Why did you open a drug and alcohol testing facility?

ARCpoint Labs has given me and my staff a wonderful opportunity to provide a service to our community with a local touch and feel. For us the testing is more than simply providing a result, it is providing information that allows people to plan their lives. This information is a road map and allowing those around us a clear understanding of where their path is taking them is of vital importance to us, and is why I decided to get into ARCpoint Labs and provide the services offered in the Rock Hill area.

What was your background? How many years?

I have 10+ years in operational and management experience. My background has allowed me to see many people from numerous walks of life, interact and collaborate with them as well. This allows me to appropriately and effectively communicate with those from all walks of life. The last several years before ARCpoint Labs came into my life were spent helping groups of individuals procure food in the most cost-effective manner, which provided meals for countless people from school-aged children to the elderly in nursing care. These experiences have provided a backdrop onto which I paint my ARCpoint Labs experience.

All ARCpoint Labs technicians at our Rock Hill location are certified and trained in accordance with 49CFR Part 40 (Part 40), Procedures for Transportation Workplace Drug and Alcohol Testing Programs. The federal requirements of Part 40 ensure best practices and establish standards for training both urine collection and breath alcohol technicians within the industry. ARCpoint Labs corporate staff includes credentialed professionals, bringing the highest standards of training to ARCpoint Labs and its client base. ARCpoint Labs of Rock Hills is affiliated with numerous labs throughout the U.S., helping us establish a network of over 10,000 collection sites across the country. Our comprehensive services are built around a passion for reducing drug abuse as well as empowering individuals and companies to manage their health and wellness through affordable lab screening.

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