Drug Testing In Rogers

Ensure A Safe Workplace With Drug & Alcohol Testing

Having a secure and safe working environment starts with having a clean and safe staff. An issue that could arise in the workplace is the intake or use of drugs and alcohol, which is why it is essential that employers and managers test their personnel for drug and alcohol consumption.

Also, our professionals at Rogers will review your current drug and alcohol policy to ensure it is up to par with state and federal regulations.

When you rely on ARCpoint Labs of Rogers, you are taking action to make your business a safe and secure place. Get the help you need - trust ARCpoint Labs!

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Reliable Testing Services In Rogers

ARCpoint Labs of Rogers offers convenient testing services with easy access and availability. Get the answers you need when you need them. We adapt to your schedule and needs. When you rely on ARCpoint for your testing solutions, you can expect the following:

Our drug and alcohol testing services in Rogers include:

  • Background Checks
  • DOT Solutions
  • Drug & Alcohol Testing
  • Random Drug Testing

By taking steps to ensure a safe and drug-free workplace, employers can create a culture of safety, respect, and productivity. This will ultimately lead to greater success for the organization and its employees.

Employer DOT Testing Services

At ARCpoint Labs of Rogers, we offer comprehensive employer DOT testing services designed to help you keep your workplace in compliance with all federal regulations. Employers can rest assured that all laboratory results received from our certified professionals will adhere to the strict quality assurance and industry standards mandated for DOT testing.

Furthermore, our comprehensive drug and alcohol screening process ensures easy collection, fast results, and complete privacy for all parties involved. With our DOT testing services, compliance won't be a source of stress, but rather a simple and straightforward process. When you work with our team you can be confident that your processes adhere to the latest DOT regulations.

Protect your business with our drug testing services. Schedule an appointment online or call (612) 662-7884 to learn more!