Drug Testing

How Does Hair Drug Testing Work?

There are plenty of cheats and hacks purported to help drug testees pass, even if they’ve consumed an illicit substance. Using someone else’s urine for a drug test is a common ploy. If you’re wondering how to pass a hair follicle test for CPS, though, attempting to cheat isn’t quite as easy. How to pass a hair drug test depends entirely on whether or not the test subject has recently consumed an illegal substance. Read on for more information on how hair drug tests work.

Why Would an Employer Choose Hair Drug Testing Over Other Sample Options?

Hair drug testing can be more complex and costly than other forms of drug testing — so why would an employer favor it over other methods? There are several reasons why a hair drug test can offer benefits to an employer. The biggest benefit is a longer period of detection. While a urine test may detect substances consumed within the last week or so, a hair follicle test is likely to detect substances within 90 days of consumption.

What Is Required for a Hair Drug Test Sample?

Several important criteria must be satisfied in order to gather a sufficient sample for a drug test. Some people mistakenly believe that hair gathered from a hairbrush can be used for a hair follicle test, but on the contrary, the hair used must be freshly retrieved from the subject’s head. Additionally, the sample must be at least 1.5 inches long and be between 90-120 strands — or about the thickness of a pencil.

What Does Hair Drug Testing Test For?

Hair drug tests can typically test for the same panel of substances that a urine test would test for. This means that it will test for substances such as the following:

  • Marijuana
  • Cocaine
  • Methamphetamines
  • Ecstasy
  • PCP
  • Opiates

Long-term use of any of these drugs can easily be detected by testing a hair sample, but it’s important to note that recent use may not be detected.

Are There Ways to Cheat a Hair Follicle Test?

Passing a hair follicle test is easy for genuinely drug-free job candidates. There will be some, though, that inevitably look for ways to cheat the system and find a way to pass even though they’ve consumed an illicit substance. For these testees, you may wonder, is there a way to cheat a hair follicle test? Because the test is administered in person and witnessed by an ARCpoint Lab technician, no. It is practically impossible for this test to be cheated.

How Far Back Can a Hair Drug Test Detect Drug Use?

Hair drug tests are advantageous because they can detect consumption of an illicit substance far past the 7-day period that a urine test would typically test for — but how far back, exactly, does a hair test go? A hair drug test is typically able to detect drug use within the last 90 days. The test may even be able to pinpoint when the use occurred and whether or not it’s been discontinued.

Reliable Hair Drug Tests and Results

Hair drug tests are one of the most reliable ways to detect drug use amongst employees and prospective hires. If you’re looking for a lab to partner with, ARCpoint Labs of Roswell is the name to trust. Our business clients throughout the Roswell, GA area trust us to provide reliable and efficient drug screening services. reach out online for more information.

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