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Reasons Why Even Healthy People Should get Health Panels

by | Dec 24, 2023 | Uncategorized

If you have regular physical examinations or wellness checks by your doctor in Roswell, GA, they probably won’t require health panels at every visit. However, your doctor may require blood work periodically to check your overall health. Here are some reasons why lab work is important despite the minor inconvenience.

Establishing a Baseline

You are a unique individual, and your lab values may differ from others’. Taking blood work initially allows your doctor to establish a baseline of what is considered normal for you. Taking subsequent lab work periodically allows your doctor to identify any deviations from the established norms that may suggest a newly developed medical condition requiring treatment. 

Screening for Disease

Blood work isn’t only for people who already have known diseases, though it may be necessary to monitor their condition. In many cases, diseases in their early stages do not show any outward symptoms. This means that not only could you be sick without realizing it, but your Roswell doctor may not be able to diagnose you without a blood test. The chances of treating your condition may not be as good if your diagnosis is delayed as if it was caught in the early stages with health panels. 

Time Savings

If your doctor recommends a blood test when you are sick to diagnose your condition, it takes time to send these to the lab and get the results back. If you have blood work done before seeing the doctor, they can already have the results in hand at your appointment. By comparing the results to your previous health panels, your doctor can identify the differences and determine a differential diagnosis of conditions you might have, ruling out those that are unlikely. This can result in a faster and more efficient appointment because your doctor already has an idea of what they are looking for. 

Money Savings

It costs a lot less to prevent a disease than to treat one. Regular lab work not only helps to catch diseases in their early stages but also identifies warning signs that you may be likely to develop an illness in the future. Your doctor can then recommend lifestyle changes that you can make to keep from getting sick. These are usually much less expensive than medications or surgery to treat your disease would be. 

Important Blood Tests

Basic Metabolic Panel

Checks for diabetes, kidney disease, and hormone imbalances by checking the levels of eight compounds in the blood.

Comprehensive Metabolic Panel

Tests for all the same compounds plus those related to the function of the liver.

Cardiac Biomarkers

Checks for enzymes that help accomplish chemical processes in the body or indicate heart injury. 

Coagulation Panel

Checks the clotting ability of your blood. 

Complete Blood Count

Checks all the different cells in your blood to determine whether their levels are normal.

C-Reactive Protein Test

Tests for inflammation related to cancer, diabetes, infection, or autoimmune disease. 

DHEA-Sulfate Serum Test

Checks the level of a specific hormone; may indicate different diseases depending on whether it is too high or too low. 

Lipid Panel

Checks the total cholesterol level in your blood, with individual values for “good” and “bad” cholesterol. 

Sexually Transmitted Infection Tests

Tests for multiple infections related to sexual contact with other people.

Thyroid Panel

Tests how well the thyroid is working at regulating body functions such as metabolism, energy level, and mood through hormone production. 

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