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drug testingDrug abuse in the workplace can cost employers a lot. ARCpoint Labs is an employer’s best defense.

What  you don’t know about drug use in the workplace can significantly impact  your bottom line. How? Drug abusers use three times as many sick days  as their sober counterparts and are only two-thirds as productive.
There’s more.
  • An astonishing 60 percent of drug abusers admit to selling controlled  substances while on the job, legally endangering you, their employer.
  • Drug-abusing employees are three times more likely to cause an accident while on the job.
  • They’re four times more likely to steal from you, their co-workers, and your customers.
  • Drug abusers file workers comp claimsfive times more costly than average.
More  than 60 percent of employers drug test today, because three out of  every four drug abusers are full-time employees. The Since 1992 leading  companies in every market segment maintain drug free workplaces. Drug  abusers use the Internet to check which employers drug test. If you  don’t test, you are left hiring the rejects from the companies that do.  Research proves, on average, 20% of your employees are abusing drugs if  you do not test. In Sacramento, corporations, government agencies,  private companies, schools,and sports teams choose ARCpoint Labs for  their drug free workplace programs. ARCpoint’s Sacramento franchise  owners Jeff and Carol Hastings are the experts Capital
Region employers rely upon to answer questions such as:
• What if your employee has a marijuana card?
• Does your testing cover OxyContin?
• When is an observed collection appropriate?
• What if your employee has a prescription?

• How do you guard against cheating on a drug test?

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