• Eye drops being put into someone's eye.
    What are ASEDs (Autologous Serum Eye Drops)?

    Your eyes produce basal tears to moisten the cornea and prevent dryness and irritation. In addition, these basal tears repel ...

  • Flowers and a stethoscope by an allergy test.
    How Does Allergy Testing Work?

    Allergy testing is a diagnostic procedure that serves two purposes. For one, it helps you determine if you are allergic. ...

  • DNA strand
    Genetic Testing

    Genes are encoded in your DNA. They contain important information for the growth and development of every living organism. Defects ...

  • Boy or Girl text surrounded with pastel colored feathers. A great gender reveal gathering party concept.
    The Psychological & Social Benefits of Early Fetal Sex Determination

    The Many Upsides of Knowing Your Child’s Gender Ahead of Time Determining the gender of an unborn fetus is a momentous event that ...

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